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Graham Catlett.

Name: Graham Catlett Age: 39 Title: Partner in the Catlett & Stubblefield law firm

Name: Meredith Catlett Age: 39 Title: Partner in the Friday Eldredge & Clark law firm

The Catletts share a love for the legal profession and politics -- local, state, national and international.

Economic and political reforms in the Soviet Union have kept Graham Catlett busy pursuing business opportunities in the USSR.

Quality Products International, a Little Rock food brokerage company led by Catlett, is hopping with activity as the Soviet demand for American goods grows.

Catlett also is representing other companies thinking about entering the Soviet market.

Change has come to Graham Catlett's law firm as well.

Partners Barbara Bonds and Vic Fleming have left the firm that last year was Catlett Stubblefield Bonds & Fleming.

Meredith Catlett remains at the Little Rock law firm Friday Eldredge & Clark, where she became the first woman partner in 1982.

Meredith Catlett's star is still rising, as witnessed by her selection to the Little Rock Board of Directors. Catlett was selected by other board members to fill a position left vacant when Floyd G. "Buddy" Villines was elected Pulaski County judge.

Will Catlett run for a full term next year or be content to serve out the two years left on Villines' term?

She's keeping her options open.
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Title Annotation:Our 30 for the 90's - An Update
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Sep 16, 1991
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