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Graffiti gets a facelift.

PALMSOURCE, MAKER OF THE PALM OS will replace Graffiti for text input in all future versions of its operating system. It plans to license and switch to a version of the CIC Jot character recognition system, which it will call Graffiti 2.

The original Graffiti handwriting recognition software is at the center of ongoing problems with Xerox over patent infringement. In 1997, Xerox filed a lawsuit charging that Palm (then called U.S. Robotics) used elements of Unistrokes, Xerox's handwriting recognition technology, in Graffiti software without a license.

PalmSource would not say whether (he lawsuit is the reason for the switch to Jot, instead focusing on the improvements Jot brings. "Graffiti 2 is a superior handwriting recognition system that will enhance the ease of use that Palm OS is known lot," says David Nagei, president and chief executive officer of PalmSource. "We expect this technology to appeal to a wide range of users who will be able to easily take notes and write memos on their Palm powered devices."

Graffiti 2, supports a more natural way to write letters than the original Graffiti, which was often criticized for its inability to recognize multi-stroke letters. For example, a user wanting the write the letter T would have to enter it as an upside-down L to avoid lifting the stylus. The original Graffiti was designed this way to minimize the processing power needed to recognize the character. Graffiti 2 allows multi-stroke characters. It also lets users write letters anywhere on the screen and see the letters as they write them. However, Graffiti 2 slower to recognize characters than the original Graffiti.
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