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   If you didn't want to live
   with incongruity, didn't share
   my pleasure juxtaposing junk
   with treasure
   why did you suggest we move
   in together, that big flat
   on Walnut Street?

   It was time to plot our course,
   do something serious
   like housekeeping,
   and sailing solo was dangerous
   in the late 70s doldrums--bad jobs,
   muggings, the crumby store
   we lived above robbed
   for Halloween and Christmas.

   We had your furniture
   and a good rug, love and lust
   rockin' and tumblin'
   sour and sweet
   and my promise I wasn't laughing at you,
   I was laughing for you.
   And the rent was Daddy-discount cheap.

   I thought you knew my life's work
   was burying the dead
   by the spoonful
   and saving one wounded thing at a time,
   knew I'd tinker forever at my desk
   by the window with the bars,
   my smudgy little cat
   on the cot beside me.
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Author:Kozinski, David P.
Article Type:Poem
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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