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Graduates! Congratulations.

ACPE total graduates top 700 with this year's class.

ACPE is pleased to congratulate the following physicians who have recently completed master's degrees in medical management through our partnering universities--Carnegie Mellon University, Tulane University, the University of Southern California, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.


In our 12th year of the program, the total number of ACPE graduates through these programs now exceeds 700. Our graduates come from all over the world - Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, Jorda, India, Great Britain, Canada and this year we have our first graduate from Beirut, Lebanon.

If you would like more information on ACPE's graduate program, go to

Master of Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University

* Daniel Angeli, DO, MMM

* Keith Argenbright, MD, MMM

* John Beuerlein, MD, MMM

* Antoine Bou Doumit, MD, MMM

* Marc Chasin, MD, MMM, CHCQM

* Patricia DeLoof, MD, MS, MMM

* Barbara DePree, MD, MMM

* Peter Duffy, MD, MMM

* Thaddeus Dunn, MD, MMM

* Henk Folkerts, MD, GP, MMM

* Wendy Frieling, MD, MMM

* Seth Goldberg, MD, MMM

* John Hoey, MD, MMM

* Divya-Devi Joshi, MD, MMM, CPE

* Brent King, MD, MMM

* Adarsh Krishen, MD, MMM

* Edward Meijer, MD, GP, MMM

* Saskia Meijer, MD, MMM

* Ian Morales, MD, MMM

* Ellemieke Nederlof, MD, MMM

* William Plauth, MD, MMM

* Burdett Porter, MD, MMM, CPE

* Shantanu Rastogi, MBBS, MMM

* Robert Sarama, MD, FCCP, MMM, CPE

* Mahmoud Sarhan, MD, MMM, CPE

* Thomas Shehab, MD, MMM

* Mark Simon, MD, MMM

* Raymond Singer, MD, MMM, CPE

* Eric Thompson, MD, MMM

* David Tupponce, MD, MMM

* Beth Yip, MD, MMM

* Robert Zipper, MD, MMM

Master of Medical Management from Tulane University

* Bryan Becker, MD, MMM

* Brian Donovan, MD, MMM

* Eli Freilich, MD, MMM, FCCP

* David Mathis, MD, MMM

* Elizabeth Smith, MD, MMM, CPE

* Michael White, MD, MMM

Master of Medical Management from University of Southern California

* Mark Bronstein, MD, MM

* Alan Conrad, MD, MMM

* Anthony Dalton, MD, MMM

* William Gerard, MD, MMM, CPE

* Carl Heard, MD, MMM

* Syed Shiraz Hyder, MD, MMM, CPE

* James Ingaglio, MD, MMM

* Ned Jaleel, DO, MMM

* Vijay Kumar, MD, MMM, CPE

* V. Simon Mittal, MD, MMM

* Christine Reynoso, MD, MMM

* Pat Toselli, DO, MMM

* Rodney Tucker, MD, MMM

* Emily Zaragoza Lao, MD, MMM

Online Professional MBA with a Focus in Medical Management from University of Massachusetts Amherst

* Akinremi Akinwale, MD, MBA

* Muhammad Babar, MD, MBA

* David Beard, MD, PhD, MBA

* William Biermann, MD, MBA

* Rami Boutros, MD, MBA, CPE

* Jonathan Burroughs, MD, MBA, CPE, FACPE

* Scott Cohen, MD, MBA

* Gretchen Crary, MD, MBA

* Robert Enzenauer, MD, MPH, MBA, CPE

* Richard Flaksman, MD, MBA, CPE

* Gregory Gallant, MD, MBA

* Robert Garroway, MD, MBA

* Barbara Goldschlag, MD, MBA

* Mounes Kalaawi, MD, MBA, FRCS

* Stephen Kelly, MD, MBA, CPE

* Mohamed Lafeer, MD, MBA, CPE, FAAP

* Marc Laufgraben, MD, MBA

* Michael LoGuidice, DO, MBA

* Robert Lounsbury, MD, MBA

* G. MacLaren-Toussaint, MD, MSc, MBA

* Michael Madden, MD, MBA, CPE, FACP

* Julie Massey, MD, MBA

* Kimberly May, MD, MBA

* Donna O'Shea, MD, MBA

* Eduard Porosnicu, MD, MBA

* Robert Remstein, DO, MBA

* Richard Rucker, MD, MS, MBA, PhD

* Camille Salame, MD, MS, MBA

* Steedman Sarbah, MD, MBA

* Raymond Schreyer, MD, MBA, CPE

* Howard Shaw, MD, MBA

* Julia Shaw, MD, MBA

* Mark Spektor, DO, MBA

* Norma Stiglich, MD, MBA

* Nikolay Tchopev, MD, MBA, FAAP, FACP


Emphasizing unparalled flexibility and value, ACPE's graduate degree program delivers powerful content in formats designed specifically for busy physicians. The curriculum is divided into two sections - Section I presented by ACPE & Section II by your choice of our four partnering universities.

Start earning your degree today!


24 Fellows Honored in Chicago

The Council of Fellows is pleased to announce that the number of physician executives applying for Fellowship was almost double the number in years past. And 24 exceptional physicians were chosen to receive the status of Fellow, American College of Physician Executives.

"Receiving Fellowship can validate your career and your advancement, " says ACPE CEO Barry Silbaugh, MD. "Fellowship honors and recognizes credentialed physician leaders who are active with ACPE and have made significant contributions to medical management."

The 2009 FACPE's are:

* Hoda A. Asmar, MD, MBA, CPE, FACP, FACPE

* Randall Arthur Bickle, DO, JD, CPE, FACPE

* Richard Boehler, MD, MBA, Ed.S, CPE, FACPE

* Michiel Bosnian, MD, MMM, MS, CPE, FACPE

* Vincent F. Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, CPE, FACPE

* Charles C. Coddington, MD, CPE, FACPE

* Howard Mark Haft, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE

* Martin Izakovic, MD, CPE, FACPE

* John Philip Keats, MD, CPE, FACOG, FACPE

* Mark D. Kolins, MD, CPE, FACPE

* Roger F. Leonard, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE

* G. Lance Matheny, MD, MBA, MPH, CPE, FACPE

* John M. Montgomery, MD, MPH, FAAFP, CPE, FACPE'

* Mobeen H. Rathore, MD, CPE, FACPE

* Michael Scott Sherman, MD, MBA, MS, CPE, FACPE

* James W. Small, MD, MMM, MPH, CPE, FACPE

* Jack Wayne Smith, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE

* Ragupathy Veluswamy, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE

* Tomas Villanueva, DO, MBA, CPE, FACPE

* Ron D. Waldrop, MD, CPE, FACPE

* Thomas Weisman, MD, MBA, MS, CPE, FACPE

* Evelyn Maureen White, MD, MBA, MS, CPE, FACPE

* Aron S. Wolf, MD, MMM, CPE, FACPE

Honorary Fellowship Awarded to Roger Schenke


Also in Chicago, the ACPE Etetfrd of Directors and Council of Fellows inducted Roger Schenke as an Honorary Fellow of ACPE.

Schenke is the founding executive vice president of ACPE. In this capacity, which he held from 1975 to 2008, he designed and conducted educational and training programs in leadership and management for national audiences, hospitals, group practices, HMOs, universities, industry, and government.

Honorary Fellowship was awarded to Schenke for his lifelong dedication to educating and inspiring physician leaders around the world.

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