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Graduate nurses' experience of feedback, support and anxiety: a pilot study.

It is well established that the transition to a new professional role can be difficult. This is particularly true for nursing graduates who have reported stress, disillusionment and anxiety related to their role transition from student to professional nurse (Duchscher 2009). After completing university and attaining registration, many first-year graduate nurses (GNs) gain employment within a graduate nurse program (GNP). A GNP is intended to facilitate role transition and provide support to alleviate distress. Despite the objectives of these programs, many GNs continue to experience stress, emotional exhaustion, isolation, lack of support and concerns for their patients' safety. Feedback is defined as information provided to a student that describes their performance of a task. This information is intended to improve future performances (van de Ridder et al 2008; Ende 1983). pdf

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Author:Gardiner, Isabelle; Sheen, Jane
Publication:The Lamp
Article Type:Brief article
Date:Nov 1, 2017
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