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Grades 1-6: daily calendar exercises reinforce math skills. (MathMatters).

"Many Topeka Public Schools elementary students begin each day with calendar activities," reports the Kansas district's Overview newsletter. "They learn about days of the week, months of the year, days in a school year, the concepts of before and after, various counting skills, and many more concepts.

As teacher Nadia Ramnarine notes, "Taking 15 minutes in the morning for calendar math is a positive step for students. Those who might feel anxiety about math gain confidence throughout the year."

Here's an example of how the fifth month, May, relates to mathematical facts that can be used as a basis for quick lessons:

Five is a prime number. We have five digits on each hand and foot. Penta means five; therefore, a pentathlon is an athletic contest with five events, and a pentagon is a figure with five sides and five angles. Five-fold symmetry is found in plants in the rose family. There are five vowels in the English alphabet.

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