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Graceful colonnade leads to the front door.

Graceful colonnade leads to the front door A cul-de-sac lot shaped something like a truncated wedge dictated the shape and placement of this house in Tempe. Architect Marley Porter incorporated the crescent contour of the cul-de-sac in a semi-circular colonnade that gives the facade a highly distinctive appearance.

The dramatic double row of columns accomplishes several tasks. It disguises the boxiness of the house facade, presents a clear, pleasant path from entry gate to front door, and offers a transition between house and front-yard pool. As soon as vines cover the structure, it will also serve as a shading trellis.

Concrete blocks, sandblasted in place, form the columns and curving beams as well as the walls that surround the property. Spanning the colonnade at each column are pairs of 2-by-8s attached to T-shaped metal plates. A slight gap between the boards provides space for recessed Christmas-type white mini-lights. In the evening, their low glow provides a striking definition of the structure. (The walk is actually lighted by globe fixtures on the inside faces of every third column.)

The outer curve of columns stops 15 feet past the front door; the inner columns diminish in size and dwindle into the lawn. This last low remnant completes the semicircle of the design.
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Date:Aug 1, 1986
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