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Grab that grease gun!


Brake Camshafts

Lube the brake camshafts during the 500-hr/3-month service.

If you neglect 'em, the shafts will bind--usually with the brakes on. Then the brakes drag, the linings glaze, and the heat generated leads to a tire fire!


Steering Column

A grease fitting below the steering wheel lubes the vehicle's upper steering column shaft bearing.


That fitting is there so you don't have to put up with a binding shaft. Make sure you give this fitting four or five shots of lube during scheduled services.

Steering Link

While standing at the articulation joint, look up and you'll see several lube points for the scraper's hydraulic cylinder and steering link bearing. You'll have to climb up the vehicle to get at these fittings.

Five shots of lube for each fitting provides the bearing and cylinder enough "slide and glide" to help steer these vehicles. Wipe any gunk off the fitting before you start the lube job. That way you won't pump any sand or dirt into the cylinder or bearing.


Fan Bearing

Grease fittings that lube the fan bearing and fan belt tightener are hard to find. They're located up front, behind the fan blades.


Without lube, the fan clutch pulley's bearing can seize up. Then the blades stop turning freely, causing the engine and transmission to overheat.

The fan belt tightener puts the right amount of tension on your scraper's fan belt. Without lube, its bearing will also seize up. That means the fan belts come loose. They'll slide or get ripped off the pulley, causing the transmission to overheat. Your construction operations come to a screeching halt.

The two fittings are next to each other. Lube each fitting every month or 250 service hours.
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