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Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi.

QUETTA, 10 June, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Governor Balochistan Nawab Zulfiqar Ali Magsi has said that there should be no hitch whatsoever in granting provincial autonomy to the provinces including Balochistan by the federation. Promises are made by every government regarding provincial autonomy, but they are not fulfilled, I dont know what is the hitch in this regard and why it is not being done, stated the outspoken Governor Balochistan in a panel interview conducted by daily The Balochistan Times at the Governor House the other day. The Governor said that our (Balochistan) majority issues would be resolved if a little of the resources produced is spent on that area, if the prevailing turbulence has emerged it is because that the problems of the province are not getting resolved, if the issues are resolved then the situation would be calmed down here. He said that Balochistan should be given its due share be it in the National Finance Commission (NFC) or the Gas development surcharge and royalty, and the dues be cleared enabling it overcome the financial situation. It was a sheer disclosure by the Governor when he told that he was never invited in any meeting regarding NFC or other economic related issues, and added that he is never ever consulted by the federation over the national or international issues, a fact that shows as how much importance Islamabad gives to Balochistan when it comes to talk about treating the constitutional head of the largest federating unit of the country. How miserably they (federal government) treat Balochistans any bodys guess as he had already mentioned in first part of his interview published in the Wednesday issue of The Balochistan Times that the treatment of the federation with Balochistan is just like a Colony. Referring to the agreements made with the foreign companies engaged in the Saindak, Reko Dik and other projects in Balochistan, the Governor strongly believed that they must be modified on new terms in the best interest of the province so that it could benefit from them in a big way. He said that the foreign companies working on different projects should be made bound to spend certain share from their profits/earnings on the betterment of the people of the areas of their operations and their uplift under the Corporate Sector Responsibility. He said that he had forced Oil and Gas Development Corporation (OGDC) to do so in Jhal Magsi. In addition to the due share in the resources, the federal government should also give due share of the province in the employments, foreign services and corporations, and added that he took up every issue with the federation, but its response is very slow mainly because of its engagement on so many fronts. Maintaining he referred to the Swat operation, in which it is heavily engaged. Regarding tribal feuds, the Governor opined that in a tribal set-up, it is a natural thing, and they (feuds) cant be stopped. He added that they would run the whole life. However, he agreed that they could be subsided. Nawab Magsi on the occasion said that poverty is not only the issue of Balochistan, rather it is in the whole country including Punjab, rather the situation is worsened in southern Punjab . He said that actually it is the Punjab hierarchy thats generally talked about in this regard. He said that its not fair to target the innocent a tailor, a barber or a labourer and kill, whats their fault. He also said that the word used settlers (for Punjabi or Urdu speaking people) is wrong, as those who have born here belong to this province. To another query, the Governor said that among the nationalist parties, Dr. Abdul Malik Balochs National Party is a good one as it is not a radical. He maintained that all the nationalist parties should come in to the national mainstream politics.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jun 10, 2009
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