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Governments that led us nowhere; FEEDBACK.

MOST of what represents our constitutional monarchy is still important and relevant. But it's quite revealing why most people come across as being so 'dumb', so 'indifferent',' or so 'completely self-centred.'.

They seem oblivious to the meaning and power of politics on their lives. It's because we've had such bad political parties this past 40 years.

Instead of the wreckers we've had masquerading as governments, if only in their place we'd had a succession of patriotic, nationalistic administrators.

A ruling party that admitted our small island was too populated, that services were over-burdened and businesses not subsidised enough to create good standard jobs.

Worse still, that the high levels of unemployed were a national disgrace. If only the greed and cowardice - or short termism of politicians - had not been obstacles, we may have had a population that respected and loved their country.

We have a marvellous history and ancient culture. Even should Scotland go independent it is the land mass of Britain and Northern Ireland that matters. These geographic areas can still be symbolised by the Union Jack. The flags of St George, St Andrew, flown as usual by proud patriots. There's no requirement for a 'Republic.' .' What would make a difference is a written constitution protecting everything important from a fixed and good standard of living for the whole population.

JOHN CRESSWELL, Chester-le-Street
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 7, 2014
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