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Government to relax sanction policy.

The Government is going to relax its sanctioning policy. This was talked about at the latest government session at which relevant authorities and the Public Revenue Office were instructed to develop analysis and amendments to the sanctioning provisions.

According to Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Vladimir Pesevski, in two week's time the Government is going to present the corrected sanction measures. According to Pesevski, the rigorous sanctioning policy gave good results, because the number of the employees did not decline, as firms met their tax responsibilities on time.

Pesevski said that inspectors will be instructed to inform firms on proper performance rather than sanction. He denied the information that the rigid sanctioning policy aimed to fill the budget, arguing that revenues from sanctions account for a mere 0.3-0.4 percent.

Finance Minister Zoran Stavreski said that tax revenues in December increased by 20-30 percent, as a result of the increased economic activity and consumption.

"We are going to advise the relevant inspectorates not to be very strict in pronouncing and collecting sanctions and to be more educational and informative," Stavreski added.

According to Economy Minister Fatmir Besimi, the government policy is not only to sanction put to also protect those that work on the market lawfully.
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Title Annotation:BUSINESS NEWS
Publication:INFOMAC Daily News Service
Date:Feb 24, 2010
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