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Government should take steps to extend existing terminal for handling coal - Ishtiaq Ahmed.

Byline: M. Naeem Qureshi

Energy sector which is connected with coal is right now facing major problems of handling their cargoes Government should take steps to extend this existing terminal with public private partnership for smooth handling of coal'', says the CEO of Kargil Energy Resources (PVT) Limited, Ishtiaq Ahmed while having a talk with the Energy Update, he further said that....

Energy Update (EU): Please inform about yourself, your qualification, experience and association with the Coal Energy Sector.

Ishtuaq Ahmed (IA): I am MBA from IBM with simple graduation. I started my career in coal in 2006 with one of the Major groups in Coal known as M/S SeaTrade.I served SeaTrade for about 8 years with integrity and honour. I believe that tenure was platt form where i am standing now where i learned a lot with very determined, humble, and nice people. Later on, due to global recession in coal sector SeaTrade decided to close their coal book and i joined Alsaa And AAK commodities as GM Marketing and Opps. Around two years of dedicated and restless time spent with Alsaa and AAK commodities, got an opportunity from a German group Norecom Limited to start their coal book in Pakistan as a country manager.

Later on, they moved their business to Cyprus and developed their core business of steel and scrap I made decision to switch with some coal trading company then got opportunity in Sugih International Singapore as country head Pakistan. After passage of almost two years sugih faced some major issues in their oil business so again i decided to switch. My last job was with Glenmet FZCO for two and half year as Country Head Pakistan unfortunately due to Covid-19 they wind up their all business ventures.

This time it was very alarming and disappointing for me as globally not only me many people lost their jobs due to Covid -19. These pandemic circumstances made me critically think that Its enough with changing job every two and half year as things are moving very fast and dramatic way world wide.

Finally decided to become entrepreneur and Kargil Energy was established 19th April,2018 with one of my partners Mr. Sajid Rasheed who has waste experience of oil trading and working in this field since one and a half decade along with his engineering skills. But due to conflict of interest i was not involved in coal business. Now since April 2020 i have been operating two more companies Kargil Trading andKargil Logistics where these companies are fully functional and sole proprietorship with me at the same time owning Kargil Energy Resources as CEO. .Kargil Trading andKargil Logistic is running by myself and one of my partner Mr. Muhammad Abid who is having experience in coal and logistics for last 14 years. I am happy to present my self as low level starter in coal till as a CEO.

I would like to share my thoughts for the people who are struggling for their carrier build up in energy sector.

"We live in a fast-changing era, where most important thing is how talents are put together and how their capabilities can add more values to the corporate economy. Kargil Energy Resources (Private) Limited is an energy trading company that was established in April 2018 with the concept of meeting highest customers satisfaction level through expertise in the relevant field. In this context, we have done contract with numerous local and international trading partners.

Fossil and renewable energy resources are essential to sustaining our quality of life and serve as the "last bastion" of energy supply in times of crisis. Every day we remain dedicated to fulfilling a crucial responsibility to society, ensuring that reliable supplies of this lifeline resources are maintained. But I believe we play other key roles as well. By supplying energy, we contribute broadly to our communities, and we support diverse industries and a society that will grow increasingly mobile in the years to come. Those roles will never change. What will change, however, is our operating environment. But we must recognise change as chance. These are huge opportunities for us to demonstrate our unique adaptability to these changes and with that in mind, we are already taking on a number of challenges to address consumer lifestyle changes and new needs in industry. New business models are being created here at Kargil Energy Resources, with an eye to how our world will look in years to come."

EU: What's your decision-making process to run your business?

IA: Decision making is not a single-handed role its always being done by consulting with team and I believe in team work. An organisation has three major pillar people, Coordination and Goal which means decisions are made by people with coordination to achieve goal. You have team but they lack in coordination you fail to achieve goal. You have coordination but don't have good team you will be failure.

I just make sure i make right decision at right time with coordination and team work.

EU: Would you like to share the details of your current and future projects? and what is the future of the industry?

IA: As far as coal is concern, I believe that it will have strong grip in Pakistan for next one decade or more may be. Although world is converting their energy needs towards renewable energy solutions but Pakistan has long term contracts for the off take of imported coal to run power projects. Right now, major consumer of coal in Pakistan are cement and power sectors however textile, steel and paper producers are also considered as small-scale consumers of coal. During covid-19 pandemic, cement sector has faced their production losses but after relief package announced by Government for construction Sector months ago, cement demand has increased substantially since last two months. I would also like to mention good contribution of cement industry in exports which is a revenue generation for country.

EU: What is your suggestion to improve the energy sector of Pakistan?

IA: Energy sector which is connected with coal is right now facing major problems of handling their cargoes. Currently for coal handling there is a single terminal in Pakistan which has being developed with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and according to international standard. But unfortunately, the capacity of terminal less as per import quantities which are increasing on concurrent basis. Government should take steps to extend this existing terminal with public-private partnership for smooth handling of coal.

Moreover, logistics is a key role for development of any country, particularly Pakistan need to improve railways for goods transportation which will definitely be a cost saving element as well as to save the roads from heavy transport load.

Pakistan has to seriously think about pollution free energy solutions as globally world is seeking to save human beings. So many countries including china and US has already taken steps to cut down their coal power plants and convert them in to plants that use renewable energy.

To extend my further expressions it is much more important for Government of Pakistan to seriously take some steps on the gateways of business which are highly important for import and export of goods. We already have KPT which was banned for coal import in last Government due to which KPT is losing a handsome revenue in shape of coal import handling. Also, vessel owners having huge demurrages which defiantly they are taking into cost and freights are higher than other countries. Which is affecting power and cement sector and by the end of day their fuel cost is raising to higher side.n
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Author:M. Naeem Qureshi
Publication:Energy Update
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Dec 31, 2020
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