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Government purchasing alliance adds roofing to supplies, services for cities.

The U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, NLC's national purchasing program for cities and towns, has announced the addition of roofing supplies and services to its growing catalogue of goods and services available to local governments at highly competitive prices.

U.S. Communities, the nation's largest public sector purchasing program, harnesses the purchasing power of the nation's cities, counties, schools and other public agencies to achieve volume discounts of a variety of quality products.

Hickman Community Services LLC has become the newest U.S. Communities supplier and will offer a broad range of commercial, industrial and residential style products and services for the repair, maintenance, restoration or replacement of all major categories of roofing.

The contract also supplies a full range of professional engineering, architectural and consulting services for the planning and design of roof management programs.

These products and services are available to all state and local government agencies and nonprofit organizations without the need for additional solicitation.

Established in 1996, U.S. Communities now offers 14 competitively solicited contracts, providing products and services such as office supplies and furniture, parks and playground equipment, homeland security products and technology products.

These contracts have been solicited by large cities and counties on behalf of all local and state governments. As a result, any city, county, school or other public agency with statutory authority to use cooperative purchasing agreements may piggyback on these contracts.

In 2005, more than 12,000 public agencies purchased goods and services valued at more than $700 million through U.S. Communities.

The U.S. Communities program is available to all cities and towns and is easy to use.

There is no fee to participate, no minimum spending and only a simple electronic registration is required. Any city or town may register online for the program by visiting and clicking on "Register to Participate."

Electronic registration provides a public agency with access to all contract documents and pricing, all suppliers, and substantial information on program savings and program participants.

It also supplies an electronic copy of the master intergovernmental cooperative purchasing agreement that serves as the legal document that authorizes a participating public agency's use of each lead public agency's contract available through U.S. Communities.

Details: For more information on the U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance, visit or contact Marc Shapiro at (202) 626-3019 or

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Downloadable kits are now available on NLC's website ( for those interested in participating in NLC's 7th Annual Race Equality and Inclusive Communities Week, held September 25-29.

Serving as a guide during Race Equality and Inclusive Communities Week--an event for cities and towns to endorse racial and ethnic equality and inclusive communities through activities in their communities--the kit consists of a letter from NLC President James Hunt, a sample press release and sample proclamations/resolutions. It also provides ideas of possible events that could take place during the week, as well as examples of activities that have occurred in cities during previous years.

The Race Equality and Inclusive Communities Week section of NLC's website also features links to President Hunt's Partnership for Working Toward Inclusive Communities, including a list of participating cities and a tool kit that contains a sample press release, a proclamation and a resource guide.

Details: For more information on Race Equality and Inclusive Communities Week, contact Chris Hoene at or (202) 626-3172.
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Author:Shapiro, Marc
Publication:Nation's Cities Weekly
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Date:Jul 24, 2006
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