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Government policy.

The following divisions are overseen by NDIA's Vice President for Government Policy, Peter M. Steffes.

Government Policy Advisory Division

The Government Policy Advisory Division is responsible for developing and implementing the association's policy agenda that serves as a guide to NDIA's education and lobbying activities. Division membership includes senior NDIA staff, division chairmen, chapter presidents and board appointees.

Division Leadership:

Glenn Baer Chair ARINC Inc.

Toni White Vice Chair Raytheon Co.

Point of Contact: Peter M. Steffes Vice President, Government Policy * (703) 247-9470

International Division

The International Division serves as the association's focal point and coordinating element for the identification, study and resolution of management and business problems associated with government policy affecting the export of defense articles and services, and the globalization of the defense industry.

The division sponsors programs including conferences, bilateral defense industry seminars, embassy attache luncheons, roundtable foreign delegation meetings, industry briefings with the military services and group discussions with senior government officials. These opportunities allow NDIA member companies to review and discuss policies, laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the highly dynamic international defense trade arena and to maintain their currency with respect to emerging trends in the globalized marketplace. Since 2000, the division has taken special efforts to cultivate partnerships with other international defense associations that share similar interests and objectives with NDIA. The division has established formal bilateral working groups with industry associations in Italy, Japan and the Republic of Korea.

Division Leadership: Dennis Kennelly Chair Finmeccanica, Defense Electronics Group

Steven Delp Vice Chair United Defense, LP

Point of Contact:

Ann Stockwell Director, International Trade Policy & Programs * (703)-247-9463

Legislative Information Division

The purpose of the Legislative Information Division is to identify legislative items in the national security area of significant interest to the NDIA membership. Legislation monitored by the division includes:

* Authorization and appropriations legislation for the Department of Defense

* Congressional budget actions

* Procurement policy issues

* International trade issues

The LID invites members of Congress and staff, senior Department of Defense representatives, defense industry executives and outside defense experts to participate in roundtable discussions about the current status of the defense industry, proposed legislation, regulations and policies. All material and information presented is not-for-attribution and is for the benefit of NDIA corporate members and invited guests.

Past speakers include:

* Members of Congress

* Senior congressional staff

* Senior Department of Defense officials

* Senior DHS officials

Division Leadership: Candace Vessella Chair BAE Systems

Gerald Harvey Vice-Chair Lockheed Martin

Point of Contact:

Chandra Burnside Manager, Government Policy * (703) 247-2595 A complete schedule and description of Division activities is available online at:

Procurement Division

A key component of NDIA's Government Policy team is the Procurement Division. This committee serves as the industry ombudsman, giving NDIA membership access to the full-spectrum of regulatory and legal issues of importance to the defense industrial base.

The disciplines represented in the committee are apparent in the names of the committees: contract finance, contract and acquisition management, legal, industrial security and program management systems. Additionally, there is a PD Washington Group to handle rapid response issues that cannot be processed through normal channels.

The committee reviews and provides comments on major acquisition regulations and offers members opportunities to sit on industry/ government ad hoc boards. The committee also engages in the preparation and filing of amicus curiae briefs before the appeals courts and the Supreme Court. These briefs, done on a pro bono basis, involve cases having an industry wide application or a constitutional basis.

Point of Contact:

Ruth Franklin Director, Procurement * (703) 247-2598

Procurement Planning Committee This committee functions as the executive body of the Procurement Division. It determines the division's objectives, policies and major courses of action and means of implementing such objectives and policies. This is an elected body.

Committee Leadership: Darrell J. Oyer Chair Darrell J. Oyer & Co.

James J. McCullough Vice-Chair Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson

Contract Finance Committee This committee focuses on the many constantly evolving pricing, costing and financial aspects of government acquisition. Acquisition activities relating to financial management, financial accounting, auditing, cost allowability, cost reporting, contract pricing, financing, profits, payments and disbursements are subject areas of concern, reaction, recommendation and follow-up for this committee.

Committee Leadership: Karen L. Manos Chair Howrey, Simon, Arnold & White LLP

L Mark S. Dostal Vice-Chair PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Contract and Acquisition Management Committee

This committee monitors those aspects of government acquisition dealing with the solicitation process, contract negotiation and the administration and close-out of government contracts.

Committee Leadership: Jacob B. Pankowski Chair Nixon Peabody LLP

Janice M. Menker Vice Chair Concurrent Technologies, Inc.

Legal Committee This committee acts on legal issues facing government contractors, including statutes, regulations, court decisions and federal agency policies related to the affairs of the association generally and to the federal acquisition and procurement process more specifically.

Committee Leadership: James S. Kennell Chair SAIC

Gregory S. Hill Vice-Chair Day & Zimmermann

Program Management Systems Committee The Program Management Systems Committee provides the Procurement Planning Committee with advice and recommendations on policy, regulation and law in matters regarding industry program management systems affected by government acquisition policy and regulations.

Committee Leadership: Peter A. Wynne Chair Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

Robert C. Loop Vice-Chair Lockheed Martin Integrated Systems & Solutions

Industrial Security Committee This committee represents member companies' interests in all matters regarding industrial security. It is responsible for monitoring all security matters relating to the Defense Industrial Security Program, special access programs and other activities that affect national security programs and corporate assets.

Committee Leadership: James P. Linn Chair SAIC

Richard Black Vice Chair General Dynamics

The Small Business Division

The Small Business Division of NDIA serves as the primary advocacy and activity coordinating body for addressing a wide variety of small business concerns. NDIA's small business division tracks legislative items of concern, interfaces with Capitol Hill and the Executive branch on behalf of the roughly 800 small business corporate members of NDIA, and plans and executes educational conferences and symposia for the purpose of promoting business skills and opportunities for the smallest members of the defense industry.

Specifically our programs include the National Small Business Conference (most recently held in Los Angeles) and a variety of smaller events throughout the year, mostly in the National Capital Area. The Small Business Division is open to the participation of all corporate NDIA members. The division is also responsible for the Dr. Kathleen E Sridhar Small Business Leadership Award.

Point of Contact:

Chandra Burnside Manager, Government Policy * (703) 247-2595

Division Leadership:

Tyrone Taylor Chair West Virginia High Technology Foundation

Ron Perlman Vice Chair Buchanan Ingersoll PC
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