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Government agency goes paperless. (Regulatory Update).

As part of the Government Paperwork Elimination Act (GPEA), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released its findings on a two-year study on the effects/progress in transitioning from paper to electronic filing.

The FERC online program allows any reports, complaints and suggestions related to agency proceedings to be transmitted electronically. Businesses and citizens have used the service since November 2000 and the FERC estimates that it has processed more than 22,000 e-files.

FERC Chairman Pat Wood states, "The FERC expects to provide an electronic filing option for most high volume documents submitted to the Commission by the end of October. By early 2004, he reported, the Com mission and those who do business with it will take advantage of a huge reduction in paper flow."

This may seem to be an open-ended comment but the government actually does have a set time-line in place. The GPEA will allow governmental agencies till October 21, 2003 to provide electronic means as an alternative to formal documentation where appropriate. This will be followed by a compliance study conducted by administrators and regulatory personnel.

Now if we could only get the DMV to do the same.


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Title Annotation:Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
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Date:Jul 1, 2003
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