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Managing public governance deficit. Editorial Oct 21, 2020 687
'Report fund disbursements every 15-30 days,' Duterte orders gov't agencies. Aug 25, 2020 762
Gov't not inutile or the enemy in COVID fight -- Duterte. Aug 3, 2020 654
This is not the time to tinker with term limits. Editorial Jul 28, 2020 756
EMERGENCY OF EXPANDING GOVERNMENT: As localities seek to take over ambulance services from private providers, the reasons such services should stay private become apparent. Shaw, C. Mitchell Mar 23, 2020 1877
The Third Wave-Accountability for International Crimes in an Age of Extremes. Crane, David M. Mar 22, 2020 3813
Documentation for Accountability. Levy, Jessica C.; Williams, Paul R. Mar 22, 2020 5862
Lawyering Peace: Infusing Accountability into the Peace Negotiations Process. Williams, Paul R. Mar 22, 2020 8152
Talking Foreign Policy - April 24, 2019 broadcast: "Untangling the Yemen Crisis". Discussion Mar 22, 2020 11716
Secret Reason-Giving. Deeks, Ashley S. Jan 1, 2020 34531
THE PROCEDURE FETISH. Bagley, Nicholas Dec 1, 2019 28374
Pakistan In Focus - ECONOMIC TIMES OF PAKISTAN - Pakistan lacks a consolidated system. Aug 4, 2019 200
Conscience in public administration: More than just a chirping cricket? Deutscher, Mary Kathleen; Walker, Keith D.; Phillips, Peter W.B. Report Jun 1, 2019 8574
The Trump Administration and the International Criminal Court: A Misguided New Policy. Sterio, Milena Mar 22, 2019 4038
Klatsky Endowed Lecture in Human Rights. Marchi-Uhel, Catherine Mar 22, 2019 4985
"I can't imagine our community without the Advocate": Editor and publisher Chris Cobler, NF '06, prioritizes holding local officials accountable while pushing to keep 172-year-old paper on sound financial footing. Cobler, Chris Personal account Jan 1, 2019 604
Networking Responsibility: Regional Agents and Changing International Norms. Seaman, Kate Report Jan 1, 2019 10305
Maintaining accountability between levels of governance in Indigenous economic development: Examples from British Columbia, Canada. Hotte, Ngaio; Nelson, Harry; Hawkins, Tim; Wyatt, Stephen; Kozak, Robert Report Dec 1, 2018 10101
Complexities in accessing REDD+ benefits in community forestry: evidence from Nepal's Terai region/Complexites de l'acces aux benefices de la REDD+ dans la foresterie communautaire: preuves provenant de la region Terai du Nepal/Complejidades en el acceso a los beneficios de REDD+ en la silvicultura comunitaria: evidencia de la region de Terai en Nepal. Devkota, B.P.; Mustalahti, I. Report Sep 1, 2018 11156
The Northern to-do list of the next government. Cirtwill, Charles Jun 1, 2018 699
Networks and accountability: Moving research forward. Levasseur, Karine Essay Jun 1, 2018 2036
ACCOUNTABILITY FOR NONENFORCEMENT. Velikonja, Urska Mar 1, 2018 9162
Searching for strategy: Value for Money (VFM) audit choice in the new public management era. Adi, Sana; Dutil, Patrice Essay Mar 1, 2018 7967
COMPUTATIONALLY ASSISTED REGULATORY PARTICIPATION. Livermore, Michael A.; Eidelman, Vladimir; Grom, Brian Jan 1, 2018 28055
Algorithmic Transparency for the Smart City. Brauneis, Robert; Goodman, Ellen P. Jan 1, 2018 31568
Theory and Practice of Understanding Corruption in Pakistan: Case Study of National Accountability Bureau, KPK. Ali, Asif; Khan, Muhammad Jehangir; Khalid, Saif Ullah Case study Dec 22, 2017 8333
WHO SHOULD OWN POLICE BODY CAMERA VIDEOS? Sacharoff, Laurent; Lustbader, Sarah Oct 1, 2017 24153
Flawed democracy: the Bane of Ghana's success in curbing corruption. Nsia-Pepra, Kofi Jun 22, 2017 6717
Moderation in response to provocation is no vice. Higgs, Robert Column Jun 22, 2017 866
Seven in 10 Trust US Government to Protect Against Terrorism. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jun 19, 2017 743
Internal administrative law. Metzger, Gillian E.; Stack, Kevin M. Jun 1, 2017 34612
Owls on acid. Nickerson, Michael Column Jun 1, 2017 735
A closing note. Jun 1, 2017 735
LITTLE CITIZENS AND THEIR FAMILIES. Davis, Peggy Cooper May 1, 2017 5124
Power in the global refugee regime: understanding expressions and experiences of power in global and local contexts. Milner, James; Wojnarowicz, Krystyna Mar 22, 2017 8158
Power and responsibility at the margins: the case of India in the global refugee regime. Samaddar, Ranabir Mar 22, 2017 7660
Words to live by: Why we should all heed the secretary's message. Chacon, Arnold Column Mar 1, 2017 477
Accountability regimes in federal-provincial labour market areements 1995-2015. Wood, Donna E.; Klassen, Thomas R. Report Mar 1, 2017 7667
Accountable algorithms. Kroll, Joshua A.; Huey, Joanna; Barocas, Solon; Felten, Edward W.; Reidenberg, Joel R.; Robinson, Da Feb 1, 2017 36497
We must defend healthcare access as a right of all Americans. Graves, Earl G., Jr. Column Jan 1, 2017 599
Police oversight: civilian oversight boards and lessons learned from our neighbors to the north. Briggs, William Jan 1, 2017 12786
What Role For Global Governance? Brief article Aug 22, 2016 236
Unwanted Migration: How Governments Cope? Aug 4, 2016 1408
Human services in all policies: the National Collaborative's focus on multiprogram coordination. Lape, Megan Aug 1, 2016 1672
Decentralization reforms in Cambodia. Eng, Netra; Ear, Sophal Essay Aug 1, 2016 8095
Pulling back the curtain: transparency marks the first step in corrections reform. Kempf, Kevin H. Jul 1, 2016 1135
Place-based health: why local accountability would lead to better quality and outcomes. Studdert, Jessica Jun 22, 2016 1897
Is good government achievable? Scaliger, Charles Jun 20, 2016 974
Foxholes or firing squads: rethinking government accountability. Miller, Ken Jun 1, 2016 1115
Pursuing performance and maintaining compliance: balancing performance improvement and accountability in Ontario's public health system. Price, Alex; Schwartz, Robert; Cohen, Joanna; Scott, Fran; Manson, Heather Report Jun 1, 2016 8485
Control, accountability, and constraints: rethinking perceptions of presidential responsibility for the economy. Kane, John V. Report Jun 1, 2016 15203
A Recipe For Disaster. May 9, 2016 825
States Of Disorder. Brief article Mar 8, 2016 256
Civic engagement builds capacity for health departments. Booth, Darryl Jan 1, 2016 1533
Digging for answers: until the last POW/MIA service member is accounted for. Carr, Jette Jan 1, 2016 2962
Poetic justice goes to college. Cantoni, Craig J. Dec 22, 2015 793
Standing doctrine's state action problem. Davis, Seth Dec 1, 2015 9323
Standing doctrine's state action problem. Davis, Seth Dec 1, 2015 22640
A community-driven intervention in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, succeeds in altering water testing behavior. Paul, Michael P.; Rigrod, Pierce; Wingate, Steve; Borsuk, Mark E. Report Dec 1, 2015 6597
Improving state and local capacity to assess and manage risks associated with private wells and other drinking water systems not covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Sabogal, Raquel I.; Hubbard, Brian Column Dec 1, 2015 1285
Event highlights program evaluation's role. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 248
The link between poverty and the R-word. Links, Vida de Voss Essay Oct 1, 2015 1179
We Should Have Seen This Refugee Crisis Coming. Brief article Sep 23, 2015 201
Pushing civic tech beyond its comfort zone. Cohen, Rachel M. Sep 22, 2015 3342
Non-intervention policies contribute to refugee crisis. Garner, Godfrey Essay Sep 22, 2015 1496
Human rights accountability through treaty bodies: examining human rights treaty monitoring for water and sanitation. Meier, Benjamin Mason; Kim, Yuna Author abstract Sep 22, 2015 7803
Human rights accountability through treaty bodies: examining human rights treaty monitoring for water and sanitation. Meier, Benjamin Mason; Kim, Yuna Sep 22, 2015 4364
Human rights accountability through treaty bodies: examining human rights treaty monitoring for water and sanitation. Meier, Benjamin Mason; Kim, Yuna Sep 22, 2015 27982
Agency design, the mass media, and the blame for agency scandals. Ruder, Alex I. Report Sep 1, 2015 11003
Presidential confidence in crisis: blame, media, and the BP oil spill. Johnston, Travis M.; Goggin, Stephen N. Sep 1, 2015 10195
Atypical leadership: the role of the presidency and refugee protection, 1932-1952. Orchard, Phil; Gillies, Jamie Report Aug 29, 2015 12727
Ban Killer Robots Before They Become Weapons Of Mass Destruction. Brief article Aug 14, 2015 179
Will Africa's Growth Help Africa's People? Brief article Jul 23, 2015 213
A closing note: migrants at risk. Jul 1, 2015 607
With political will Macedonia can move beyond crisis. Jagland, Thorbjorn Essay Jul 1, 2015 412
The Federal Reserve: a study in soft constraints. Judge, Kathryn Jun 22, 2015 17542
An Unending Refugee Tragedy: Europe's Path To Deadly Partition. Brief article Apr 28, 2015 238
Electoral commissions: no more "yes men". Kapchanga, Mark Cover story Apr 1, 2015 1774
Free-Wheeling Web Commentary Challenges Media's Traditional Power. Mar 31, 2015 1477
Liberty requires accountability: checking delegations to independent agencies. Casazza, David Mar 22, 2015 14069
The nexus between good governance and gender equality as a human right in Africa: a correlation statistical analysis. Bangura, Abdul Karim; Thomas, Alice K. Essay Mar 22, 2015 5339
Bringing accountability up to date with the realities of public sector management in the 21st century. Perrin, Burt Essay Mar 1, 2015 8136
Winning is the easy part. Schneider, James; Siollun, Max Cover story Feb 1, 2015 744
Citizens, democracy is yours. Jideonwo, Chude Cover story Feb 1, 2015 615
The murky world of galamsey. Duodu, Cameron Column Feb 1, 2015 1505
UN ridiculed over non-binding "climate" deal in Peru. Jan 19, 2015 326
Determining international responsibility under the new extra-EU investment agreements: what foreign investors in the EU should know. Baetens, Freya; Kreijen, Gerard; Varga, Andrea Nov 1, 2014 7332
Determining international responsibility under the new extra-EU investment agreements: what foreign investors in the EU should know. Baetens, Freya; Kreijen, Gerard; Varga, Andrea Nov 1, 2014 20943
Deadly migration. Cover story Nov 1, 2014 327
Scandal! Secret deals costing African lives. Nkombo, Nachilala Nov 1, 2014 1013
Dockyard Attackers Planned To Hijack Navy Frigate. Brief article Sep 17, 2014 232
Winning with a bad economy. D'Elia, Justine; Norpoth, Helmut Report Sep 1, 2014 7344
Afghanistan: politics, elections, and government performance. Katzman, Kenneth Report Sep 1, 2014 16359
Afghanistan: politics, elections, and government performance. Katzman, Kenneth Report Sep 1, 2014 14050
Gaza and the union movement. Rosenfeld, Herman Sep 1, 2014 750
Service and legislative highlights. Bryant, Ashleigh Sep 1, 2014 902
The threat of girls' education: how should we respond to the attack on girls' education? Sep 1, 2014 635
Nambia needs you; we all have a choice to grow up and take ownership. de Voss, Vida Column Sep 1, 2014 666
The conversation: Jamelle Bouie and Ben Jealous. Meyerson, Harold Discussion Sep 1, 2014 2276
The Quadrennial Diplomacy and Development Review (QDDR). Epstein, Susan B.; Tiersky, Alex Aug 1, 2014 1015
A steady voice in the storm. Burgess, J. Marc Column Jul 1, 2014 464
Afghanistan: politics, elections, and government performance. Katzman, Kenneth Report Jul 1, 2014 15864
Responsibility to protect: an explanation. Basaran, Halil Rahman Jun 22, 2014 16572
A price worth paying? Accountability, red tape and the regulation of affordable housing. Travers, Max Report Jun 22, 2014 7963
The journey from victim to survivor. Report Jun 1, 2014 7394
Trafficking victims protection act: minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking in persons. Jun 1, 2014 1267
More oversight for CBSA. Mackintosh, Karen Brief article May 1, 2014 101
Securing U.S. diplomatic facilities and personnel abroad: legislative and executive branch initiatives. Tiersky, Alex Report May 1, 2014 11141
The management of sex offenders in the community: from policy to practice. Day, Andrew; Carson, Ed; Boni, Nadia; Hobbs, Gaynor Report Mar 22, 2014 6156
Independence sans accountability: a case for right to information against the Indian judiciary. Routh, Supriya Mar 22, 2014 13869
Accounting for government furnished property: this article defines the government furnished property problem, addresses its importance, and lays out the army's way ahead. Kennedy, James Jan 1, 2014 1966
No money down. Jan 1, 2014 577
The politics and statistics of value-added modeling for accountability of teacher preparation programs. Lincove, Jane Arnold; Osborne, Cynthia; Dillon, Amanda; Mills, Nicholas Report Jan 1, 2014 10718
Time to shut down the anti-government extremists. Leonard, Annie Dec 24, 2013 763
Dealing with the world as it is: reimagining collective international responsibility. Gassama, Ibrahim J. Dec 22, 2013 7240
Dealing with the world as it is: reimagining collective international responsibility. Gassama, Ibrahim J. Dec 22, 2013 20326
Metagovernance of urban governance networks in Canada: in pursuit of legitimacy and accountability. Doberstein, Carey Report Dec 1, 2013 10188
Deeply troubling trends. Survey Oct 1, 2013 1615
Diversity governance by convenience? Federal contracting for minority-owned small businesses. Snider, Keith F.; Kidalov, Max V.; Rendon, Rene G. Report Sep 22, 2013 10116
Obama gets rights wrong; Americans need to get them right. Bourque, Stephen Sep 22, 2013 495
Philippines Web Activists Show Power Of Internet Campaigns. Hookway, James; Cuneta, Joesphine Aug 26, 2013 880
Speed governors: road safety and infrastructural overload in post-colonial Kenya, c. 1963-2013. Lamont, Mark Report Aug 1, 2013 9409
Are the "bigger fish" caught? china's experience of engaging citizens in performance measurement system. Yang, Yuqian; Wu, Jiannan Report Jun 22, 2013 10648
The role government in the 21st century: no one has a crystal ball that we can use to see how much things are going to change between now and the year 2100. It is probably safe to say, however, that some things are going to change a lot while others, not so much. Smith, Ron Jun 1, 2013 1855
No notice: stealth regulations. Doherty, Brian Brief article May 1, 2013 161
Vets' committee head demands more accountability at the VA. Chenelly, Joseph Brief article May 1, 2013 237
Rebels, negligent support, and state accountability: holding states accountable for the human rights violations of non-state actors. Cronogue, Graham Jan 1, 2013 10466
Politics for the New Year: we helped President Obama earn a second term, so what now? Brownworth, Victoria A. Jan 1, 2013 1513
Children's advocate calls for government commitment to address care issues. Dec 1, 2012 763
Dark Side Of Free Speech. Nov 12, 2012 1430
Scaling up global nutrition: bolstering U.S. government capacity. Report Oct 1, 2012 10713
Think globally serve locally: the U.S. human service marketplace of the future and its place in the world. Hansell, David Oct 1, 2012 2789
Good news AIDS is on the retreat. Boni, Yayi; Sidibe, Michel Aug 1, 2012 927
How corrupt is Europe? Boateng, Osei Aug 1, 2012 4052
Why Congress doesn't work: lawmakers' avoidance of accountability undermines self-government. Linbeck, Leo, III Cover story Jul 1, 2012 4253
Evaluating the communication of environmental permitting decisions in diverse communities. Caron, Rosemary M.; Rezaee, Michael E. Report Jul 1, 2012 4541
Quiet, steady LOCSU progress. Jun 29, 2012 682
Public-private partnerships in global health: addressing issues of public accountability, risk management and governance. Martin, Marie H.; Halachmi, Arie Report Jun 22, 2012 11209
NGOs holding governments accountable: civil-society budget work. Justice, Jonathan B.; Tarimo, Fratern J. Report Jun 22, 2012 11753
Veteran watchdog: Citizens Alert celebrates 45 years of pressing for more transparency. Shapiro, Yisrael May 1, 2012 971
Raising the locals voice: illustrating pathways outcomes. Basso, Phil Apr 1, 2012 1899
American justice. Anderson, Ross C. "Rocky" Mar 22, 2012 3329
Enhancing security by promoting responsible behavior in space. Schulte, Gregory L. Report Mar 22, 2012 2909
The post-9/11 national security regime in Canada: strengthening security, diminishing accountability. Whitaker, Reg Feb 1, 2012 7980
Counter-terrorism in and outside Canada and in and outside the Anti-Terrorism Act. Roach, Kent W. Feb 1, 2012 9161
Internal audit in the federal government organizations of Malaysia: the good, the bad and the very ugly? Ali, Azham Md.; Saidin, Siti Zabedah; Sahdan, Mohd. Hadafi; Rasit, Mohd. Hadzrami Harun; Rahim, Mohd Report Jan 1, 2012 12478
The Calls For Global Leadership Will Be Unanswered. Mahbubani, Kishore Brief article Dec 30, 2011 212
Reconsidering accountability for environmental inspectors: trading "compliance by computer" for relationship building. Pautz, Michelle C. Report Sep 22, 2011 9937
A Manifesto on police accountability. Stearns, Alex; Dobchuk-Iand, Bronwyn; Sabiston, Les; Ducharme, Paula Sep 1, 2011 1062
Net debt in the Canadian public accounts: its emergence, evolution and entrenchment. Baker, Ron; Rennie, Morina Report Sep 1, 2011 7058
States cannot put globalization genie back in bottle. Jul 8, 2011 1068
Our Children Need to be Saved from hunger! Oniango, Ruth Editorial Jul 1, 2011 1804
Transparency in human services. Pollack, Daniel Jun 1, 2011 813
Fannie, Freddie, and the future: the secondary mortgage market worked better when it was a true public institution. Immergluck, Dan Jun 1, 2011 3275
Are we linguistically left-handed?: In search of responsible, ethical subjects. Warner, Daniel Reprint May 1, 2011 9615
A decade of revolution: though hardly spoken of, the last decade has seen Kenya undergo revolutionary changes that many countries in the world have not been able to accommodate in such a short time. Indeed, the country's rapid advancement between 2002-2012 will provide excellent fodder for historians in the years to come. Articles in this Special Report are by our Nairobi correspondent Wanjohi Kaburu. Kaburu, Wanjohi Apr 1, 2011 985
Legal considerations of understaffing child welfare departments. Pollack, Daniel Apr 1, 2011 800
The Right to Identity in the Region: Advances Toward a Universal Registry. de la Torre, Felix Ortega; San Jose, Marta Serrano Mar 1, 2011 1309
The responsibility to protect: growing pains or early promise? Luck, Edward C. Report Dec 22, 2010 7441
Accountability perspectives in Italian municipality accounting systems: the gap between regulations and practices. Reginato, Elisabetta Report Dec 22, 2010 9513
Garfield and the GAO. Soupcoff, Marni Sep 22, 2010 777
Citizen participation and performance measurement: operationalizing democracy through better accountability. Halachmi, Arie; Holzer, Marc Report Sep 22, 2010 5473
Community justice files 23. Dominey, Jane Sep 22, 2010 2111
Department of Education: Improved Dissemination and Timely Product Release Would Enhance the Usefulness of the What Works Clearinghouse. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-10-644. Ashby, Cornelia M. Author abstract Jul 1, 2010 312
Federal Student Loan Programs: Opportunities Exist to Improve Audit Requirements and Oversight Procedures. Report to Congressional Committees. GAO-10-668. Daly, Kay L. Report Jul 1, 2010 327
International support for elections: effective strategies and accountability systems OECD meeting in Paris - 1 March 2010. Jenness, Craig Jul 1, 2010 2000
Devolution, accountability, and service delivery in Pakistan. Hasnain, Zahid Report Jun 22, 2010 9604
Higher Education: Information on Incentive Compensation Violations Substantiated by the U.S. Department of Education. GAO-10-370R. Iritani, Katherine M. Report Feb 23, 2010 372
Environmental Health: High-level Strategy and Leadership Needed to Continue Progress toward Protecting Children from Environmental Threats. Report to Congressional Requesters. GAO-10-205. Stephenson, John B. Report Jan 1, 2010 355

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