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Government Officially Accepts Mbeki Proposals to Surpass Current Situation in Relations between Sudan and South Sudan.

Khartoum, June 16 (SUNA)- The government has officially accepted the proposals given by the Chairman of the High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan for surpassing the current situation in the relations between Sudan and South Sudan, which resulted from support of the government of South Sudan State to the Sudanese armed rebel movements and its refuse to pull out its forces from locations that it is occupying inside the Sudanese territories.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abu-Bakr Al-Siddiq, said that the government has officially notified the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan about its acceptance of Mbeki proposals.

The proposals given by Mbeki included: First: Concerning the disarmed security area: Assigning the African Union Border Program to form a consultative team to determine the Zero Line for the disarmed security area on the ground, depending on the map which was forwarded by the High-Level Implementation Panel to the two parties, and participation of the joint mission for border monitoring and verification, provided that this process shall begin on June 18 and to last for six weeks. After that the High-Level Implementation Panel is to meet with the Joint Political and Security Committee to be informed on the outcome of its performance. During this period, the two parties shall do their best for implementing the agreement pertinent to the security zone.

Secondly: Concerning support to the rebel movements: Assigning the African Union Commission and the IGAD chairman (Ethiopian Prime Minister) to adopt the required measures to verify the claims on support and harboring to armed rebels by any party, provided that each government shall make available all the required information in this regard to the AU High-Level Implementation Panel on a date not exceeding June 20. The African Union Commission and the IGAD Chairman shall deal with the information given by each party as quickly as possible. The African Union Commission will also inform the Peace and Security Council and the UN Security Council about the information. The African Union Commission and the IGAD Chairman are to give proposals to deal with the issue of support and harboring to armed rebel movements within framework of the agreements that were signed by the two countries.

The African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan has called on the two countries to work together and to put an end to the armed rebellion against the two governments who were formed through general elections in April 2010.

The African Union Implementation Panel for Sudan also called on the two governments to implement the Security Agreement which was signed in September 2012 fully and honestly, especially with regard to avoiding support and harboring to rebel movements of the two countries, as well as refrain from cooperation with any African or non African country that backs up the rebel movements and aim for changing any of the two countries.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the proposals given by the AU High-Level Implementation Panel concerning the disarmed area will secure withdrawal of South Sudan forces from the Sudanese areas that it is still occupying, indicating that the dates set in the proposals come within the period determined by the government to halt passing of South Sudan oil across the Sudanese lands.


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Publication:Sudan News Agency
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Date:Jun 16, 2013
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