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Government: we condemn any hate speech, insult and libel.

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia condemns the hate speech, same as it condemns the attempt for libel and insult, and this is a stance that we have repeated many times, reads the Government's press-release in connection to the statement by German Ambassador to Macedonia Gudrun Steinacker released for some media which reacted over the Macedonian Government's alleged failure to react for the presence of hate speech, insult and slander toward certain people, TV Sitel reported.

"In Macedonia there are no legal mechanisms through which the government in some official capacity could react in cases of the presence of hate speech, libel, and insult directed at third parties or diplomats. Once again, we emphasize that we condemn every hate speech and attempts for slander and insult, regardless of which side they are imposed and to whom they apply," the statement reads.

The statement also emphasizes that such reckless public events where there is the presence of hate speech or attempts to insult and slander, do harm to Macedonia and people, which are doing it should know that besides they expose themselves to the possibility to be sued and legally sanctioned, they are doing serious damage to the reputation of the state and efforts to progress.

"The Government of the Republic of Macedonia wants to stress that it strongly discourages such public appearances whether they come from a reporter or any other citizen of the Republic of Macedonia," reads the government's press-release.

There is possibility for ex officio public prosecution to initiate prosecution against this act, for which the government encourages the public prosecutor to check if there are elements of the crime under Article 181 of the Criminal Code Violation of reputation of foreign state and to act ex officio.
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Date:May 21, 2014
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