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Hundreds march to protest government plans for Akamas. George Psyllides Nov 27, 2021 471
Solomon ravaged by days of violence. Nov 27, 2021 236
Solomon ravaged by days of violence. Nov 27, 2021 236
Solomon ravaged by days of violence. Nov 27, 2021 236
Solomon ravaged by days of violence. Nov 27, 2021 236
Solomon ravaged by days of violence. Nov 27, 2021 236
Solomon ravaged by days of violence. Nov 27, 2021 236
Solomon ravaged by days of violence. Nov 27, 2021 155
Boris Johnson faces Tory revolt this week over £900m care 'inheritance tax on the north'; A vote is due in the Commons tomorrow or Tuesday over a sneaked-out £900million care cap cut to the poorest -and furious Tory MPs are gearing up to rebel against the government. By, Pippa Crerar & Dan Bloom Nov 21, 2021 897
Rioting in Rotterdam after Dutch government tightens pandemic restrictions; Video from social media appears to show a person being shot. By, Mike Corder, Associated Press & Will Maule Nov 20, 2021 376
Pakistan urged to constitute 'revolutionary' government comprising AJK, GB. Nov 16, 2021 463
Opposition changes its protest strategy to pull down the government. Nov 12, 2021 268
FCT Natives Protest Against Insecurity, Government Inaction. Nov 8, 2021 476
Million Mask March: Boris Johnson effigy burned and fireworks thrown; Hundreds of people joined an anti-government demonstration in central London, marching through key locations including Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square. By, Chiara Fiorillo Nov 5, 2021 388
TLP calls off protests after reaching undisclosed agreement with government. Oct 31, 2021 1344
Senator Imamuddin Shouqeen felicitates PPP leadership for recording historic nationwide protest against federal government. Asif Niaz Detho Oct 31, 2021 153
Government blocks roads to stop TLP protestors. Oct 28, 2021 329
Avoid M25 tomorrow: Insulate Britain's message to motorists; Motorway will 'become a place of non-violent civil resistance to stop our Government committing crimes against humanity'. By, Neil Lancefield, PA & Max Channon Oct 26, 2021 472
Climate activist group Insulate Britain pledges to restart road-blocking protests; Campaigners claim Government is 'committing treason' over climate action and vow to continue disruptive tactics. By, By Helen William, PA & Steve Houghton Oct 24, 2021 576
Sudan's protesters turn against a government they helped put up. Oct 23, 2021 543
Hundreds Of Sudanese Storm Khartoum To Protest Against Failed Government. Oct 17, 2021 259
Government on hardline against vandals as protests grow. Oct 17, 2021 1150
Hundreds protest in Sudan's capital against government. Oct 16, 2021 293
Pro-government groups helped quash Nigeria's protests last year. Who's really behind these groups? Oct 9, 2021 1022
Rare Element secures USD21.9m in government funds for rare earth demonstration plant in Upton, Wyoming. Oct 6, 2021 227
Government seeks new protesters injunction. NEIL LANCEFIELD Oct 2, 2021 486
Peaceful Protests Rock Abuja on Independence Day Celebration. Oct 2, 2021 673
Arab governments and the social media revolution. Oct 1, 2021 945
Iran: anti-government protests spread. Oct 1, 2021 688
Tunisia revisited. Oct 1, 2021 848
Insulate Britain protesters to face legal action claims government; The Government said they will be served with injunction papers. By, Will Stone & Matt Jackson Sep 29, 2021 585
13 anti-government protesters arrested at Nang Lerng intersection. Sep 28, 2021 232
M25 protests: Government an seeking injunction to stop Insulate Britain blockades; Priti Patel and Grant Shapps vowed to ensure 'guerrilla' activists 'cannot keep disrupting and endangering people's lives'. By, Max Channon Sep 22, 2021 303
Fakhrul: PM Hasina telling lies about Zia. Sep 19, 2021 349
Fresh doubts over school catch-up plans as Covid recovery tsar won't be replaced; Sir Kevan Collins was brought in by Boris Johnson to help pupils recover from pandemic disruption but he quit in protest at the Government's paltry £1.4bn offer. By, Lizzy Buchan Sep 9, 2021 523
Resistance front to declare parallel government in Afghanistan. Sep 8, 2021 190
Anti-government protests taking it to the next level. Sep 6, 2021 1316
PPP to launch protest from today against federal government's step motherly treatment of Sindh: Nisar Khuhro. Saleem Soomro Sep 5, 2021 161
Women in rare protest as Taliban outline new government. Arab News Sep 2, 2021 276
Some activists arrested as police and anti-government protesters clash in Bangkok. Aug 30, 2021 225
South Sudan Police Warn Against Anti-Government Protests. Aug 29, 2021 535
Four activists charged over anti-government protests get bail. Aug 22, 2021 156
Over 200 people arrested after recent anti-government protests. Aug 21, 2021 201
Anti-government protesters are back. Aug 17, 2021 225
Thousands honk horns to banish PM. Aug 15, 2021 419
Anti-government protester blew his own hand off. Aug 12, 2021 427
Anti-government demonstrators clashed with police. Aug 10, 2021 388
Anti-government protests in Iran spread to Tehran. Jul 27, 2021 218
Thailand: Police fire rubber bullets at anti-government protesters. Jul 18, 2021 482
Cuba arrests activists as government blames unrest on U.S. interference. Reuters News Service Jul 13, 2021 1085
Cubans protest against rising prices, shortages. ANDREA RODRIGUEZ Associated Press Jul 12, 2021 281
Eswatini government tightens security as protesters loot. Jul 2, 2021 230
Ethiopia declares unilateral Tigray ceasefire as rebels enter regional capital; government forces flee. Jun 29, 2021 681
'Save our jobs!' Airport workers stage protest; calls for government to offer further support and explain 'traffic light system'. CHARLOTTE COX @ccoxmenmedia Jun 24, 2021 498
Buhari Must Go Protest: Pro-Buhari Protesters Fight Over Sharing Of Money. Jun 13, 2021 2825
President Buhari vows to fight militant groups and fix economy as activists call for anti-government protests. Jun 12, 2021 572
Local Government Pensioners Protest Non-Payment Of Gratuities. Jun 10, 2021 379
Nigerian youths dissatisfied with Buhari's government, plan nationwide protest on June 12. Jun 6, 2021 524
MPA Syed Aijaz Shah Bukhari leads protest against federal government. Zulfiqar Chandio Jun 6, 2021 171
Protesters demand government pay for unsafe cladding. TOM DARE Local Democracy Reporter Jun 5, 2021 222
Nisar Khuhro leads mammoth protest rally against federal government over prevailing water shortage in Sindh. Saleem Soomro Jun 4, 2021 196
Chichester activist among Extinction Rebellion protesters who blockaded oil terminal serving petrol stations across the south of England; A BP oil terminal which supplies petrol stations across the south of England was blockaded by Extinction Rebellion activists, who are protesting the government and fossil fuel industry's 'greenwash' policies. Richard Lemmer Jun 2, 2021 593
Lee Kun-hee museum may be set up in Seoul; provincial governments protest. Jun 2, 2021 555
More killed in Colombia protests as president sends in military. May 29, 2021 327
Government refuses plea by city protesters. TOM DAVIS May 22, 2021 533
In Johor, youth arrested for rioting, arson at protest against government. May 13, 2021 422
Photos: Over 100 local people attend the Leamington 'Kill The Bill' demonstration; They were protesting against the Government's proposed Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. News Reporter May 5, 2021 434
Call for huge tax hike on 'Super League' six; GOVERNMENT VOWS TO STOP REBEL CLUBS. JONATHAN WALKER Political Editor Apr 21, 2021 748
Anti-government protests hit twin cities again. Apr 20, 2021 845
Iran's online anti-government protests gain momentum. Arab News Mar 26, 2021 280
NASU Protests Discrimination By Federal Government. Mar 22, 2021 448
The Urgent and the Important: Political Resistance During a Pandemic. Vasanthakumar, Ashwini Mar 22, 2021 4753
Pensioners lament government neglect, to stage National Protest. Mar 19, 2021 467
Controversial Velindre cancer centre in Cardiff given approval by Welsh Government; There have been protests against building on the land at Whitchurch. By, Cathy Owen Mar 19, 2021 664
No to revolutionary government: Palace says 2022 elections to push through. Mar 16, 2021 209
Lebanon's caretaker PM pleads for a new government as protests continue. Reuters News Service Mar 6, 2021 396
Readers' Letters: Do SNP voters really believe what they're told? Alex Salmond, the man who took the SNP from a party of protest into government, has said the present Scottish government leadership has failed. And when he discovered what senior SNP and Scottish government officials had been messaging about him he said it was "one of the most distressing days of his life". Scotsman Letters Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2021 1626
From Armed Revolution to Neutralism: China and the Indochinese Revolution in Laos, 1950-54. Quanzhi, Shu Mar 1, 2021 11235
Article 19: Indian Government should stop crushing farmers' protests and demonizing them. Feb 24, 2021 746
Prayer rally for revolutionary government cancelled. Feb 21, 2021 228
Group of anti-government demonstrators clash with riot police. Feb 19, 2021 754
'Perfect storm' led to Covid running riot in poorer areas, leaked government papers say; The report by the Joint Biosecurity Centre reportedly concludes that people in poorer areas were more likely to have public-facing jobs, live in more cramped housing and not be able to afford self-isolation. By, Tom Pilgrim Feb 18, 2021 582
TLP postpones protest after agreement with government. Feb 12, 2021 167
Government employees end protest as demands accepted. Iftikhar A. Khan Feb 12, 2021 924
Nigerian government warns against protest at Lekki shooting site. Feb 11, 2021 345
JI chief condemns police violence against protesting government employees. Feb 11, 2021 290
Staging protest is constitutional rights of government employees: PPP. Feb 11, 2021 199
Police fire teargas at protesting government employees in Islamabad. Feb 11, 2021 647
Government averts Tory rebellion as anti-genocide compromise passes in Parliament. Poppy Wood Feb 9, 2021 465
War claimants lawyers protest government move on payments. Feb 8, 2021 614
Thousands rally again in Myanmar against military coup. Feb 7, 2021 643
Scottish Sikhs urge Dominic Raab to intervene in India protests; Sikh organisations and temples across the UK have called on foreign secretary Dominic Raab to intervene in the violent government clampdown on protesting farmers in India. Gina Davidson Feb 4, 2021 623
Pensioners Protest, Block Entrance To Gombe Government House. Feb 3, 2021 183
After 8 years of being an NPA, "Carlo" return to the fold to become a mechanic. Feb 2, 2021 509
Sikh community stages strong protest against Modi government. Jan 30, 2021 240
Let the buyer beware! Editorial Jan 28, 2021 1083
Indian opposition blames government for protest violence. Sanjay Kumar Jan 28, 2021 477
Government survives Tory 'genocide' rebellion. Jan 20, 2021 178
From Tragedy to Controversy: How the Government Mishandled the Hazara Protest. Jan 16, 2021 911
this week in 2011. Jan 14, 2021 222
Nations take chance to mock the States. Jan 8, 2021 152
Nations take chance to mock the States. Jan 8, 2021 152
Protests Rock Delta Over 2021 Local Government Elections. Dec 22, 2020 475
Tipper Drivers Protest Government Imposition, Disrupt Traffic In Onitsha. Dec 14, 2020 750
No in-house deliberations in PTI over handling of opposition protests. Dec 12, 2020 830
PDM heads meet on 8th to finalise long march plan. Dec 6, 2020 1144
PDM provincial leaders stage protest, criticized government. Dec 5, 2020 635
'Rubber duck revolution' takes off in Thailand. Dec 4, 2020 448
Duterte refutes red-tagging but warns that rebels, even women fighters, will likely die in clashes with gov't troops. Dec 1, 2020 695
Indian government invites protesting farmers for talks. Nov 28, 2020 404
CEC Gilgit Baltistan, federal government responsible for violence on peaceful protestors. Nov 24, 2020 211
Tensions mount in Thai protests as Bangkok braces for major rally. Nov 24, 2020 696
Pro, anti-government groups hold protests. Nov 20, 2020 388
EndSARS: How government mismanaged protest and now bungling the project. Nov 14, 2020 1643
Ethiopian rebel group TPLF executed government soldiers - PM. Nov 12, 2020 313
A revolutionary government to stamp out corruption. Nov 6, 2020 511
Government officials visit victims of #EndSARS protest. Oct 25, 2020 487
Balochistan govt urges PDM to delay Quetta rally in light of 'security threat'. Oct 24, 2020 481
All Eyes On Thailand's Response To Anti-Government Protests. Oct 23, 2020 930
Balochistan govt urges PDM to delay Quetta rally in light of 'security threat'. Oct 23, 2020 480
Balochistan govt urges PDM to delay Quetta rally in light of 'security threat'. Oct 23, 2020 415
#EndSARS riots: IPI urges government to protect journalists. Oct 22, 2020 361
All eyes on Thailand's response to anti-government protests. Dr. Theodore Karasik Oct 22, 2020 955
PM asks all sides to 'step back from brink' amid tense stand-off in Bangkok. Oct 21, 2020 311
More than 1,000 doctors protest violence against protesters in Thailand. Oct 20, 2020 210
Young and restless: Protest parallels in Thailand and Hong Kong. Oct 20, 2020 717
#EndSARS protesters besiege Benue Government House. Oct 19, 2020 214
Tired but defiant: 100 days of protests in Bulgaria. Oct 17, 2020 730
The President of the African Development Bank (AfDB), Dr Akinwumi Adesina, has urged the Federal Government to listen to the #EndSARS protesters, declaring that youths are the life of a nation. Oct 17, 2020 349
Nigerian Army And Where Sowore Got It Wrong By Charles Mbani. Oct 16, 2020 974
Protest leaders call for calm in tense Bangkok stand-off with police. Oct 15, 2020 287
Thai government announces emergency decree over protests. Oct 15, 2020 167
Protesters gather ahead of pro-democracy rally in tense Bangkok. Oct 14, 2020 488
SARS operatives still brutalize students, extort money at Kogi varsity on Tuesday- protesters. Oct 14, 2020 412
EndSARS Protesters Barricade Delta Government House, Demand N20 Million. Oct 13, 2020 211
Govt decides to allow Opposition hold rallies. Oct 13, 2020 448
#EndSARS: Protesters barricade Delta Government House, demand audience with Okowa. Oct 13, 2020 207
NANS cautions EndSARS protesters against vandalising government property. Oct 10, 2020 363
Fazl announces epoch-making rally on 16th after Raiwind meeting. Oct 8, 2020 679
Kyrgyz leader says 'in control' after protesters storm government house. Oct 6, 2020 717
Ireland's government faces resistance to COVID-19 second wave national lockdown. Oct 5, 2020 277
Deal done: Sudan government, rebels sign peace deal. Oct 3, 2020 406
Mengal meets Bilawal in Dubai ahead of PDM's Quetta rally. Amir Wasim Oct 1, 2020 349
Group Launches 'Balloon Protest' Against Harsh Government Policies. Oct 1, 2020 424
First PDM public meeting in Quetta on Oct 11. Amir Wasim Sep 30, 2020 730
PDM plans maiden power show in Quetta on Oct 11. Sep 30, 2020 858
Al Jazeera fabricates new video turning wedding into demonstration in Dakahlia government. Egypt Today staff Sep 28, 2020 285
'Government exercising draconian powers' Tory rebel says MPs must share decision making burden on Covid laws; Former minister Steve Baker is among Conservative backbenchers pushing to give Commons a chance to debate Covid-19 rules. By, Daniel Smith Sep 27, 2020 513
PTI plans to give Sindh govt a tough time. Sep 23, 2020 559
Fazl, Bilawal hold huddle to discuss anti-govt movement. Sep 23, 2020 517
Govt asks opposition not to 'drag' national institutions into politics. Sep 22, 2020 1795
Opposition parties form alliance to oust govt. Sep 21, 2020 1028
Govt asks opposition not to 'drag' national institutions into politics. Sep 21, 2020 1839
Thai protesters kick off weekend of rallies. Sep 19, 2020 683
Amal Clooney quits UK special envoy role over Brexit Bill; Amal Clooney has quit as Britain's special envoy on media freedom in protest at the UK Government's "lamentable" decision to override the Brexit divorce settlement, in breach of international law. Gavin Cordon Sep 18, 2020 523
Activists cry foul after student leader held for Delhi riots. Sanjay Kumar Sep 15, 2020 872
Libya's eastern-based government resigns amid protests. Daily News Egypt Sep 14, 2020 368
Lebanese Army clashes with anti-government protesters. Arab News Sep 12, 2020 240
Iran executes champion wrestler who was 'tortured into confessing to murder'; Navid Afkari, convicted of fatally stabbing a security guard during anti-government protests in Shiraz, Iran, was supported by the likes of Donald Trump and FIFA amid calls for Tehran to spare his life. By, Chris Kitching Sep 12, 2020 629
Protests at election delay; Hong Kong: Hundreds arrested during anti-government demonstrations. Sep 7, 2020 275
Revolutionary government still on, says group. Aug 28, 2020 877
Inaction on call for revolutionary government dangerous, lawyers' group says. Aug 27, 2020 521
What a revolutionary government means. Aug 27, 2020 779
Palace respects PNP plan to investigate group behind revolutionary gov't. Aug 26, 2020 508
Two Hong Kong Opposition Lawmakers Arrested Over Protests. Aug 26, 2020 517
PNP orders probe of group behind revolutionary government. Aug 26, 2020 543
Revolutionary government calls add fuel to the fire, not VP Leni -Akbayan Youth. Aug 25, 2020 251
Governors reject call for 'revolutionary government'. Aug 25, 2020 361
EDITORIAL - Revolutionary government. Editorial Aug 25, 2020 393
German Government condemns violence against protesters in Belarus. Aug 24, 2020 241
Senators slam group's call for revolutionary government amid COVID-19 crisis. Aug 24, 2020 1133
Palace: No 'clear and present danger' in call for revolutionary government. Aug 24, 2020 673
PNP: No to revolutionary government. Aug 23, 2020 241
Revolutionary government? Duterte admin focused on COVID-19 response, says Palace. Aug 23, 2020 339
Defense chief thumbs down move for revolutionary government. Aug 23, 2020 276
Pangilinan to Malacanang: Stop bid to establish revolutionary government. Aug 23, 2020 246
PNP: Not to revolutionary government. Aug 23, 2020 241
Palace distances self from call for 'revolutionary government'. Aug 23, 2020 661
PNP will 'never' back revolutionary government. Aug 23, 2020 1491
Anti-government protesters in Khon Kaen dwell on educational issues. Aug 21, 2020 165
Government officials form human chain protesting attack on engineer in Rajshahi. Aug 18, 2020 449
Anti-government protesters gather in Thailand capital. Aug 17, 2020 293
Anti-government protesters gather in Thailand capital. Aug 17, 2020 293
Biggest Thai protest in years puts pressure on government. Reuters News Service Aug 16, 2020 599
PetroTal's Bretana Closes After Anti-Government Protests In Peru. Aug 10, 2020 152
Chilling slow-motion video captures blast that decimated Beirut and killed 156; The new harrowing footage emerges after two days of turmoil in the city as protesters demand the government resign following the blast, caused by 2,750 tonnes of explosive ammonium nitrate being stored at the port. By, Ryan Merrifield Aug 10, 2020 481
Renewed Lebanon protests as pressure mounts on government. Aug 10, 2020 812
Thai govt must protect right to peaceful protest, says global watchdog. Aug 7, 2020 378
Lebanese foreign minister resigns to protest government's poor performance. Aug 3, 2020 282
Government bid to jail HS2 protester opens. DAVID BANNER Aug 1, 2020 307
Government bid to jail HS2 protester opens. DAVID BANNER Aug 1, 2020 307
Zimbabwe police seal off major cities ahead of anti-government protests. Jul 31, 2020 664
Amnesty International urges police chief to stop criminalising peaceful protesters. Jul 31, 2020 391
Bulgaria anti-government protesters take to streets for eighth day. Jul 17, 2020 215
Taiwan marks crackdown anniversary amid China tensions. Jul 13, 2020 436
Thugs attack protesters at Awka Government House gate. Jul 11, 2020 475
Greek government seeks curbs on right to protest, unions push back. Reuters News Service Jul 8, 2020 252
Police cancel planned protest against Garissa government. Jul 6, 2020 363
1,138 protests during first 100 days of government (FTDES). Jun 24, 2020 312
Violence flares in Beirut. Jun 16, 2020 887
Diab under fire over Beirut riots as focus shifts to pound measures. Hussein Dakroub Jun 14, 2020 1247
UK 'definitive' on Brexit date despite Scottish protests; The UK government has formally notified the EU that it will not seek an extension to Brexit trade talks, hours after the First Ministers of Scotland and Wales warned it would be "extraordinarily reckless" to end the transition phase amid an unprecedented economic crisis caused by coronavirus. PARIS GOURTSOYANNIS Jun 13, 2020 764
'Summer of riots' warning from UK Government aide. Jun 10, 2020 694
Hundreds march as Lam urges stability. Jun 10, 2020 468
Hundreds march as Lam urges stability. Jun 10, 2020 468
Hundreds march as Lam urges stability. Jun 10, 2020 468
'Bobbies on beat' needed to deter riots; CORONAVIRUS ? Government adviser says police should build up good relations to avoid UK disorder. FLORA THOMPSON Jun 10, 2020 437
Hundreds march as Lam urges stability. Jun 10, 2020 464
Hundreds march as Lam urges stability. Jun 10, 2020 466
Hundreds march as Lam urges stability. Jun 10, 2020 468
MP: Block tear gas sales to US; ... AND CONDEMN TRUMP'S RESPONSE TO PROTESTS, HE URGES GOVERNMENT. GARETH WYN WILLIAMS Local Democracy Reporter Jun 8, 2020 497
Lisa Nandy 'very proud' of Black Lives Matter protesters -'you can't be silent'; Lisa Nandy urged protesters to follow distancing after the government warned protests could spread the virus -and called on a small violent minority to stop. But she defended the right of protesters to march amid the pandemic. By, Dan Bloom Jun 7, 2020 973
Why are we waiting to find new normal and a Government? 25.05.2020 DMEEIR Rebel with a cause JOE O'SHEA. May 25, 2020 525
Making Amends for Slavery? More than 150 years after the end of the Civil War, the federal government is debating what, if anything, it owes to the descendants of enslaved people. Grise, Chrisanne May 11, 2020 2688
Soldiers turn over bodies of slain NPA rebels to Davao Oriental town government. Apr 19, 2020 322
For Algeria's Hirak Protest Movement, COVID-19 Could Prove an Opportunity. Apr 15, 2020 965
JI defers protest drive against government due to Corona virus. Mar 19, 2020 380
Rebel platoon gives government a scare; THE CITY VIEW. Mar 11, 2020 427
UK government defeats backbench rebellion over Huawei's 5G role. Chris Kelly Mar 11, 2020 279
The IMF route may be Lebanon's last resort. Linda heard, Special to Gulf News Mar 9, 2020 941
Delhi CAA protests: Shooter identified as 'Shahrukh'. Falah Gulzar, Social Media Reporter Feb 25, 2020 500
South Sudan president reappoints rebel leader Machar in unity government. Xinhua Feb 22, 2020 445
JUP to hold protest dive against government in March. Feb 19, 2020 247
JI announces protest against government's policies. Feb 12, 2020 491
Rights group records 171 cases of assassinations, kidnappings in Iraq. Layelle Saad, Middle East Editor Jan 30, 2020 411
Christian religious leaders urge protesters to give govt a chance. Hussein Dakroub Jan 29, 2020 1210
Violence escalates in Iraq as government pushes to end protests. Jan 28, 2020 459
Demonstrators' fingers and hands blown off by teargas grenades during France riots; Authorities in the country have now banned the use of the controversial GLI-F4 cannister after its use caused gruesome injuries to 'Yellow Vest' protesters during anti-government riots. By, Peter Allen & Neil Murphy Jan 26, 2020 557
Iraq protests are meaningless when the government is on autopilot. Bobby Ghosh Jan 25, 2020 712
Lebanon forms new government, protests continue. Bassant Mohammed Jan 22, 2020 317
Cathay says cabin crew can wear masks on mainland China flights due to virus. Jan 22, 2020 515
Three dead, dozens wounded in Iraq protests. Qassem Abdul-Zahra And Samya Kullab Jan 21, 2020 577
Clashes erupt anew between protesters, security forces in Baghdad. MENA Jan 21, 2020 148
Clashes escalate in central Beirut. Ghada Alsharif Jan 20, 2020 824
Salam Al-Shammari: The Government's Weak Response To The Demonstrations Caused Ongoing Crisis. Jan 20, 2020 221
Mass demonstration of Wasit students condemns the government silence on the demands of the masses. Jan 19, 2020 193
Protesters reject 'government of advisers'. Houshig Kaymakamian And Ghada Alsharif Jan 17, 2020 457
Lebanon protests turn violent for second night. Jan 16, 2020 281
Trade unions of Ventspils port employees threaten protests if government does not tackle frozen accounts problem. Jan 16, 2020 509
Sudan Government Forces Quell Armed Protest by Security Agents. Jan 15, 2020 547
Lebanese protesters block roads against government inaction. Omar Shariff Jan 14, 2020 439
Anti-government protesters cut off main road in Lebanon. Jan 14, 2020 192
Iranian University Students Rally to Condemn Anti-Government Protest. Jan 14, 2020 807
2 Iraqi journalists shot dead while covering anti-government protests. ANI Jan 13, 2020 374
Human Rights Watch head denied entry to Hong Kong ahead of report launch. Jan 13, 2020 399
Loyalty to Resistance bloc: For a government that protects people's interests. Jan 9, 2020 251
Day 83: Zahle Serail, other roads briefly blocked. Jan 8, 2020 185
In pictures: Millions strike in protest at Indian government policies. Compiled by Balaram Jan 8, 2020 592
Egypt Air suspends flights to Baghdad. Egypt Today staff Jan 7, 2020 150
Bengaluru: Congress workers hold protest against Central government at Maurya circle. ANI Jan 4, 2020 143
Tear gas, flares cover skies as yellow vests, pension reform protestors get back on Paris streets. ANI Jan 4, 2020 362
About 400 people arrested in Hong Kong during protest: HK Police. ANI Jan 2, 2020 254
Police: About 400 People Arrested in Hong Kong During Protest. Jan 2, 2020 189
Middle Eastern Women between Oppression and Resistance: Case Studies of Iraqi, Palestinian and Kurdish Women of Turkey. Khodary, Yasmin; Salah, Noha; Mohsen, Nada Case study Jan 1, 2020 12598
Tourists stay away from Taj Mahal, other Indian attractions as protests flare. Reuters News Service Dec 29, 2019 521
More India protests as Hindu hardliners flex muscles - Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service. Dec 27, 2019 578
More India protests as Hindu hardliners flex muscles - Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service. Dec 27, 2019 578
Priyanka accuses government of repression to suppress protestors' voice, says black day for democracy. ANI Dec 21, 2019 470
The protests in Chile and government's response. Dec 20, 2019 1284
Punjab government taking revolutionary steps for minorities:. Dec 18, 2019 314
South Sudan president agree to from unity government with rebel leader. ANI Dec 17, 2019 404
Dozens wounded in second night of clashes in Beirut. Dec 16, 2019 134
Protests turn violent for 2nd day in Lebanon. Hussein Malla And Dalal Mawad Associated Press Dec 16, 2019 294
Backer of Iraq anti-government protests killed in Baghdad. Dec 15, 2019 348
Thousands of Anti-Government Protesters Flood Streets of Chilean Capital, Clash with Police. Dec 14, 2019 316
Anti-government protesters cut off Beirut-Tripoli main road. Dec 13, 2019 185
TDP MLAs protest against cancellation of alleged government order over media in Andhra Assembly. ANI Dec 12, 2019 624
Marchers mark six months. Dec 9, 2019 187
Anti-government protests continue in Baghdad, several provinces. Dec 8, 2019 333
Citizens Flea Hong Kong And Move To Taiwan As Protests Turn Violent. Louise Bonquin Dec 5, 2019 429
US urges Iraqi government to investigate violence against protestors. Daily News Egypt Dec 4, 2019 316
City set to record its first budget deficit in 15 years. Dec 3, 2019 434
Colombian government opens negotiations in bid toend protests. Dec 3, 2019 256
Amid protests, Iranian consulate in southern Iraq set on fire again. ANI Dec 2, 2019 229
Rally cut short after police fire tear gas; HONG KONG PROTESTS AGAIN. Dec 2, 2019 285
Rally cut short after police fire tear gas; FRESH HONG KONG PROTESTS. Dec 2, 2019 290
Rally cut short after police fire tear gas; HONG KONG PROTESTS AGAIN. Dec 2, 2019 285
Rally cut short after police fire tear gas; HONG KONG PROTESTS AGAIN. Dec 2, 2019 285
Rally cut short after police fire tear gas; HONG KONG PROTESTS AGAIN. Dec 2, 2019 285
Tear gas fired at protesters in Hong Kong; March: Thousands took to the streets. Dec 2, 2019 341
Rally cut short after police fire tear gas; HONG KONG PROTESTS AGAIN. Dec 2, 2019 285
Rally cut short after police fire tear gas; HONG KONG PROTESTS AGAIN. Dec 2, 2019 285
Parliament approves Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi departure. AHMED RASHEED Dec 2, 2019 155
Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi resigns amid anti-government protests. ANI Dec 1, 2019 251
Iran on the rack: Demonstrations in Beirut over crackdown in Iraq. NAJIA HOUSSARI Dec 1, 2019 412
Thousands take to the streets in Hong Kong in fresh round of protests. Dec 1, 2019 349
Hong Kong police fire tear gas as thousands take to the streets in fresh protests. Reuters News Service Dec 1, 2019 773
Hong Kong Police Fire Tear Gas As Thousands Stage March For Democracy. Dec 1, 2019 625
Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi announces he will resign. ANI Nov 29, 2019 186
Death toll rises, 25 more killed in anti-government protests in southern Iraq. ANI Nov 29, 2019 307
Colombians Protest Against Government, US Backs Bogota. Nov 28, 2019 313

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