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Gotta use that ODP.

I had the same reaction as you did regarding the letter from Jane in Chattanooga and her claim of being repeatedly "vectored" into the mountains by Ashville Departure ("Readback," September 2012 IFR). I'm very curious what her clearance was.

But I was absolutely cringing when I read that she has apparently flown IFR out of Ashville multiple times before "discovering" ODPs!!

Checking, it looks like the standard routing is KAVL HRS GQO KCHA, which makes sense with the ODP off either runway--and none without it.

Don't know when your last one was, but maybe it's time for an article on ODPs and how they are used.

Departures are too often overlooked and on our repeating list of topics. We'll get something in the pipeline as a reminder for all.

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Mark Kolber

Denver, Colo.

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Title Annotation:READBACK
Author:Kolber, Mark
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 1, 2012
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