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Ernest Ranglin: Gotcha! (Telarc CD-83533)

In last issue's Ramblings column I included a belated review of Ernest Ranglin's previous effort for Telarc, Old Solutions to Modern Problems; with this new release, I am trying to be more timely with my recommendation. Ranglin's roots are in reggae, and Gotcha! has much more of a reggae feel to it than did Old Solutions, which featured more of a an African/World Music sound. However, Gotcha! is not really a reggae recording, it is a jazz recording with reggae at its core. Ranglin is a master at weaving his guitar around a melody, never seeming to be trying to impress, but always impressing with his inventiveness and exquisite sense of timing. It goes without saying that the engineering is first-rate, making this a disc that is highly recommendable both musically and sonically.
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Publication:Sensible Sound
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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