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Got the time?

In October, "What You Really Need," Fred Simonds pointed out that the IFR-required clock needs to be built into the panel. I didn't know that and have always relied on my wristwatch.

Does the timer on my transponder qualify?

Dale C. Eisenman

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Interesting point, Dale. In the regulations, section 91.206(d)(6) requires: A clock displaying hours, minutes, and seconds with a sweep-second pointer or digital presentation.

The popular interpretation is that the aircraft, not the pilot, needs to be so equipped.

Also, the popular interpretation seems to be that the clock need not be a separate instrument, but can be a function within something else. Thus, the page in a GNS430, for example, does qualify.

If your transponder timer includes an actual time of day function, then it would qualify as well. However, it sounds as if you're referring only to a timer, which would not meet the requirement.

It might also be useful to point out that, while we'll use a timer far more than a clock, we only need that clock, not a timer. Inflict, these are only equipment requirements. You're free to use your wristwatch as long as your aircraft has the required installed equipment.

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Date:Nov 1, 2013
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