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Got sit in a tree with SIGBDP.

Go Sit in a Tree With SIGBDP Remember climbing out on a tree limb as a kid, watching lower life literally pass you by, while conversing with another young human sloth? You can almost take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with the folks of SIGBDP on their Conference Tree. Created to keep BDP members informed on current topics of interest, the network was also formed as a supplement to the group's quarterly newletter, Data Base. Its creator, Roger Rydberg, says, the "original intent was to set up a research vehicle for volunteer organizations."

A recent issue of Data Base lists the type of information found on the Tree. Look for abstracts from past Data Base issues, upcoming SIG or ACM events, newletter contributions, dialogues on key issues, abstracts on key issues, issues of the month, and lists of related organizations.

A 300- or 1200-baud modem is needed to access the Tree (0 parity, full duplex, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits). Dial 612-377-7070 to gain access.

After you hear the beep, hit your return key once or twice. The prompt will produce SIGBDP BELONGS TO WHAT ORGANIZATION?: You respond with ACM and press return.

Use READ HELP for assistance on using the system; READ CONFERENCES and INDEX ABSTRACTS (which has several subdivisions) will give you access to those divisions of the Tree.

You can log your name to the USERLOG (with the ADDTO command) and enter comments under PROBLEMS or MESSAGES.

To stop a listing, press S; to resume, just press any key. Try a different command and stop the current process by pressing the C key.

Simply hang up or type BYE to depart the system. If the system gauges inactivity for more than a minute, it will automatically hang up.

Call Rydberg, past chair of BDP, at (612) 540-4818 or (612) 546-5368 or Mark Ramft, system operator, at (612) 540-2663, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for additional information.

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Title Annotation:Sig news
Publication:Communications of the ACM
Date:Jan 1, 1989
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