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Got a stray dog?

My boyfriend always talks about girls he thinks are hot. I know it's normal for him to notice ... but does he have to tell me? He also told me he was flirting with this other girl. What gives?

BILL It's sort of like someone who goes to a restaurant and raves about the food at other places. Makes you want to ask, "If the food's so great elsewhere, why are you here?" On the other hand, girls always say they want to know what's on their BFs' minds. Your dude tells you.

DAVE Bill hits on a valid point. Girls say they want honesty, honesty, honesty, but when they actually get it they complain that it's not what they wanted to hear. There are two possibilities in play here: 1) He thinks other girls are hot and flirts with them, or 2) he doesn't really think other girls are hot and doesn't flirt with them, but he wants you to think that so you'll be jealous. Either way, your BF is doing you a big favor by letting you know he's not the one for you since he has no regard for your feelings.

My BFF is the most popular, beautiful girl in school. All the guys crush on her even though she doesn't mean to get their attention. When I like a guy and he sort of likes me, he becomes smitten with her. Sometimes it kills me. What should I do?

BILL Superficial people go for superficial things. Sounds like your friend is about a lot more than just her looks, which is cool. Now you just need to meet a guy who's not so superficial. Try to meet a boy with a little more depth than your current crop of potential beaus.

DAVE Maybe there's something to be learned from your BFF, and I'm not talking about improving your looks or upping your popularity. She keeps it cool, and maybe that's why guys are attracted to her. Play the aloof card, and see if guys get curious about you.

My BF is awesome, but he and my best friend happen to be really close. I know neither of them would hurt me, but it bugs me. I guess I'm jealous. Help!

DAVE When it comes to the J-word, chilling out is easier said than done. However, I'd advise you to ... chill out. In your own estimation, you've got an "awesome" boyfriend. And you would not have chosen your BFF if she didn't meet the same high standard. You've surrounded yourself with quality folks, so be content with your fine choices.

BILL Jealousy is the uninvited guest that can ruin a party. Trust your friends, and enjoy your time with them. Jealousy is a total waste of time. In the unlikely event your friends do betray your trust, believe it or not, you'll survive. Don't worry about something that hasn't happened.

My BF broke up with me and has ignored me ever since. Why?

BILL Our researchers at Breakup University have detected at least two reasons a guy would insist on ignoring a former GF. First, even though he did the breaking up, he might be hurt and hiding his pain by avoiding you. Second, he might think you still have feelings for him and that ignoring you will keep you uninterested in him. If you truly believe your breakup was the right move, just treat him like the friend you want him to be. He could come around in time.

DAVE It doesn't take a pointy-headed college professor to figure out this deal. It doesn't matter why he's ignoring you, it's the Fact that he is. Go about your business, and treat him with dignity and respect. If he's truly ready to move on, your indifference will make that process as pleasant as possible for both of you.

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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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