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Got a problem? A solicitor can help; It's never too early to make a will.

Q My partner and I had our first child this year but we don't have wills -do we need to?

A. Making a will is often a simpler process than expected and your solicitor can explain what's involved It is particularly important for people who have children - for instance, it can express a preference for a named guardian to take care of your children -while also preventing some of the difficulties and delays that sometimes occur for those left behind where there is no will. Of course, it is also important because it determines how your most personal and hard-earned possessions will be shared among close family and friends.

A will can cover many things. One of the key considerations is what to do with property. For instance, someone who jointly owns a house may want his or her share to go to the other co-owner after his or her death - this does not always automatically happen and, without a will, the joint-owner may not inherit the remainder of Che property.

Wills can also be used to make funeral arranueneiiLs, although it is important that close friends or relatives also know what these are so that the details are not found out too late.

You nright alsr* want to let yQLr Uivc-d oncj know what should happen to your social media accounts &u:h as Facrtitiook and Twiller. perhaps narnng someone in your will wha shojld be in changentynurso fallen1 digital assels after your death.

A will also details wha has been appointed as executors -the family, friends or perhaps a sslicitDr responsible tor looking afteMhe di5tribu:ion of the assets of the persoi whe has died.

^n-ralled I]IY wills ere available but they do not give f i l l advice on what to do wi:h a person's estate, i.i other words their money and other assets.

Solicitors can prepare simple wiLLs at a very rsasonablecostand some will offer a free service in reti.rn for a donation to charity, fur ir stance, those participating in Will Aid (

which takes- p.ate This. month, and Will RelieF (w ww. wi LlneLisfscotland.] which provides a similar service every Septa m her. Solicitor's tan also provide advice on issues such ss inheritance t^x and how ly update a will iF your circumstances have changed. More details are available at makhg-a-will.

To find a solicitor in your area, visit the Law Society of Scotland's website at

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Date:Nov 22, 2018
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