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Gordon Peters, 37, partner CANDO Contracting Ltd.

Gordon Peters, 37, Partner CANDO Contracting Ltd.

In 1978, when Gordon Peters and Rick Hammond learned of the plans for widespread rail-line abandonment, these young entrepreneurs founded CANDO Contracting. Positive thinkers, they took the name from their belief that they CANDO anything that has to be done.

Assignment number one was to lift the rails from Lauder to Alida, and Lyleton to Dalny. Thirty employees worked six months on 80 miles of track. From this experience the partners designed the specialized equipment they now use on other rail-line contracts, which range from eastern Ontario to Vancouver Island. Their general practise is to send in supervisors, and operators for the custom equipment, and to hire the workforce locally. In August of 1990 there were 90 names on the CANDO payroll, and they were engaged in close to $7-million worth of contracts.

PHOTO : Railway's cast-off rail-lines turned into CANDO's business success and a big payday.
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Title Annotation:Bullish on Brandon - industry in Manitoba's second largest city
Author:McGuiness, Fred
Publication:Manitoba Business
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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