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Goose freed, got stuck in pizza driver's car grille.

By the Associated Press

BURLINGTON, Vt. -- Authorities say a goose that got stuck in a pizza delivery driver's car grille in Vermont is expected to make a full recovery.

Driver Ryan Harrington tells WCAX-TV he saw a goose waddling across the road in Burlington on Saturday. He slammed his brakes, but heard a thud and knew he struck the bird. But he wasn't prepared to see it stuck in his car -- and alive -- when he returned to work.

His manager got through to a police dispatcher who alerted authorities and a nonprofit animal rescue group. The fire department arrived to help free the goose, named Roberto, or Roberta if it's a girl.

The goose was taken to a wildlife rehabber in Poultney who says it may have a broken pelvis, but they expect it will survive.


In this Saturday, July 20, 2019, photograph provided by Tanisha Tyler, a goose is stuck in the grille of a pizza delivery driver's car in Burlington, Vt. The delivery man slammed on his brakes when he saw the goose waddling across the road, and heard a thud when he struck the bird. When he returned to the pizza shop he was surprised to see the goose, alive, sticking out the front of his car. The goose expected to make a full recovery, according to authorities. (Tanisha Tyler via AP/ MANILA BULLETIN)

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Date:Jul 23, 2019
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