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Google publishes online storage notes in error.


Internet company Google Inc is planning to introduce online storage for Internet users, according to documents mistakenly released on its website.

Notes on the GDrive online storage service were discovered by a blogger, in a slide presentation published on Google's website following the company's analysts presentation day last week. The notes reportedly indicated that Google may create a mirror image of data stored on the hard drives of consumers, providing infinite storage for user files such as web history, e-mails and images.

Google is understood to have commented on its aim to "store 100%" of consumer information, but noted that bandwidth constraints may arise for users with slower network speeds. After the notes were captured and distributed online by a number of bloggers, Google replaced the original slide presentation with a file devoid of the notes, Reuters reported.

Google confirmed that the notes had been released in error on the web but declined to comment on plans for the GDrive storage service, which could save users from personal data loss resulting from computer crashes.

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Date:Mar 7, 2006
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