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Google launches Advanced Protection Program to guard against targeted attacks.

According to a Google blog post out earlier: "The Advanced Protection Program safeguards the personal Google Accounts of anyone at risk of targeted attacks - like journalists, activists, business leaders, and political campaign teams. Even the most security-conscious users can be tricked by a sophisticated phishing attack. To protect you from this threat, Advanced Protection goes further than traditional 2-Step Verification, requiring you to use a physical Security Key in addition to your password to sign in to your Google Account...Advanced Protection requires you to use a physical Security Key, in addition to your password, to sign in to your Google Account. These Security Keys are the most secure form of 2-Step Verification. Even if you do fall for a phishing attack that discloses your username and password, an unauthorized user won't be able to access your account without one of your physical Security Keys." [Reference Link]:[]

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Publication:The Fly
Date:Aug 6, 2019
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