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Google Trekker Program Allows Off-Road Street View, Invites Available To Join Program.

Google has opened invitations to join its ( Street View Trekker program, where aA backpack cameraA captures panoramic images from exotic locales around the world. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company's Street View program captures 360-degree views using a special camera technology, allowing users of Google Maps to get a ground-level perspective.

In a similar manner to how Google's (( NASDAQ:GOOG ) Street View vans travel the streets of cities and neighborhoods around the world, the Trekker backpack program adapts the 360 degree capturing camera into a wearable backpack. Google is allowing select third-party companies to photograph hikes on mountainous terrain or other exciting places off the beaten path, and interested parties can sign up ( here .


The Google Trekker backpack weighs 42 pounds, and contains 15 digital cameras to create its signature panorama. The 5-megapixel cameras snap a photo 24 times a minute, while two GPS receivers log location data which the Trekker stores on solid state drives, or SSDs. The Trekker backpack's dual lithium batteries last for eight hours.

Google's Street View Trekker backpack is currently only available on loan to third-party organizations such as tourism boards, non-profits and higher-education groups. If you could, where would you take the Trekker?


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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jul 1, 2013
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