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Google Plus makes its move.

GOOGLE IS USING CONTROVERSIAL TACTIC: requiring people to use the Google Plus social network. The result is that people who Create an account to use Gmail, YouTube and other Google services--including review sites--are also being set up with public Google Plus pages that can be viewed by anyone online. Google Plus is a Facebook rival and one of the company's most important recent initiatives as it tries to snag more online advertising dollars.

Google Plus users are encouraged to create digital "circles" of friends and spend time interacting with them on the Google Plus site, akin to Facebook.

This is the latest in more aggressive measures to get people to use Google Plus, Wall Street Journal reported in early January. Google created Google Plus in large part to prevent Facebook from dominating the social-networking business.

Google Plus seeks to challenge Facebook by improving its integration with other Google services. Marketers say Goggle has told them that closer integration of Google Plus across its many properties will allow Google to obtain this kind of information and target people with more relevant (and therefore, more profitable) ads.

Fast Company blogger David Llorens, COO, One Block off the Grid, writes, "Sure, there's asocial networking aspect to it, but Google Plus is really Google's version of Google. It's the groundwork for a level of search quality difficult to fathom based on what we know today. It's also the [advanced technology] behind [connecting] all the other Google products like YouTube, Google Maps, Images, Offers, Books and more. And Google is starting to roll these products all up into a big ball of awesome user experience by way of Google Plus, and that snowball is starting to, pick up speed and mass.

"Imagine if Google knew every piece of data about you that Facebook knew. imagine how better equipped they would be to serve you what you are looking for. Google Plus is a way of entrenching Google's dominance in that area, not a way of stealing Facebook users."

We all [a while back] glommed onto the concept of [it being] "Google's version of Facebook," and focused only on comparing the similarities and differences between the two (such as number of users it had, whether "Circles" are "good," and how "hangouts" are weird).

Maybe it proves to be more than that.

--NAA's Paul Bergeron

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Title Annotation:Online Listings
Author:Bergeron, Paul
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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