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Google Maps Users in UK, US Notice 'Buddhist' Swastikas Randomly Pinned on Locations.

Google Maps users in different places of the world have noticed swastikas appearing as an icon for some locations on the map during the weekend.

Users shared screenshots for hotels in London that had the swastika symbol as its icon. Others in California, West Covina also shared the same issue.

People went to social media demanding Google maps for answers on why the swastikas have been seen on the maps all of a sudden, especially that the swastika symbol mostly known for its reference to the Nazism.

While it has been used as religious symbol for Indians and East Asian cultures, it was also used as a symbol for the good luck and spirituality for thousands of years.

However, since the early 1920s, the swastika has been affiliated with Nazism, fascism and anti-Semitism after it was used by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party as a symbol of the party.

Screenshots of the Google Maps locations with the swastikas pinned on different locations were widely shared on social media.

The maps app users also wondered why would the swastika symbol be available for users in the symbols list in the first place.

In response, Google justified using the symbol in their symbols list but not as a swastika, but rather as a Buddhist symbol of worship.

Google confirmed it was used incorrectly in some places as reported by users.

While it is still unclear who was behind pinning the swastikas on the maps or what was the motivation, Google Maps hurried to remove them from its locations without elaborating more.

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Date:Dec 2, 2018
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