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Goodyear will test market a tire retailing concept in Chicago called Just Tires. Beginning in June, 11 Chicago area Goodyear-owned auto service centers will reopen and will specialize in brand-name tire sales and provide only services that directly relate to tires. A total of 14 Just Tires stores will be tested in the Chicago area.

Goodyear supplied tires and technical expertise for the Solar & Electric 500 race held in Phoenix, AZ in April. The three-day competition included a 200-kilometer electric stock car race; 150-mile electric-hybrid car race for electric vehicles equipped with auxiliary internal-combustion engines; a creative electric concept vehicle competition based on the longest distance traveled; and a maximum 300-mile solar vehicle race.
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Title Annotation:to test Just Tires retailing concept
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:May 1, 1992
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