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Good-Night Alphabet.

 good-night, A, my pointy-headed child who leads the alphabet and
B, so boisterous
        and C, so cute
              the two who play
                    with A
and D, avid
       beginner of
            my first name
good-night, E, with your shelves
      ready to hold children's books
                    and F, G, H, I
good-night to you four
                   F, the funny boy
                     G, the silly girl
                        H, the happy baby
                          I, who watches everything
good-night, J, joyful one,
               K, don't kick
                 L, full of love
                   M, my initial M,
           to the first hall of the alphabet
good-night, N and O,
       don't spell NO,
         you must sleep
           like the others
good-night, P, with your big, jolly face
                balanced on a skinny body,
good-night, Q, wagging your little tail
good-night, R, S, T, U, what's that?
                          R likes to rhyme
                            S likes to sing
                               T likes to talk
                                 U likes to be with Q,
                                    go ahead, U, sleep
                                       with your pet Q
good-night, V,
             vanishing into the dark good-night, W,
             a pair of inseparable V's good-night, X,
             a kiss good-night and Y
     asking why you have to sleep
       shh, we must whisper Z is already snoring
              good-night, alphabet
                  sweet dreams of poetry,
                      dear children of language
                                                     Dr. Alphabet 


Iowa City, Iowa

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Publication:Word Ways
Article Type:Poem
Date:Feb 1, 2013
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