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Good year for KME.

KME Fire Apparatus has turned the year high spirits having delivered several new aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) and rapid intervention vehicles (RIV) over the last year to customers in its domestic US market and overseas.

The KME ARFF units are configured on the company's own 4x4 or 6x6 chassis, while the RIVs are built on commercial 4x4 chassis.

Despite its combined volume of 500 fire fighting vehicles built a year, KME's philosophy is based on building each truck very much one at a time. "Each truck is tailored to address the very specific needs of each user," explains Michael J Kiefer, Vice President Administration of Walter Truck International, the exclusive export marketing agent for KME's line of ARFF and RIV vehicles.

As Kiefer explains, the KME chassis is available with conventional or independent suspension. Turrets are available in both fixed and elevating designs. Pumps are driven with a power divider, although independent pumping engines are also available.

"As the industry continues to require trucks to take on an ever increasing role as rescue and command post units, on board auxiliary generators have become almost standard," says Kiefer. "In an effort to further lower the centre of gravity, hydraulic driven generators have been offered as an alternative to the diesel powered variety.

"The hydraulic generator is mounted low in the chassis, between the frame rails as compared to the diesel powered units which typically mount in a compartment," he adds. "This provides the added benefit of affording additional compartment space for tool or equipment storage."

According to Walter Truck, KME's ongoing product development will see particular emphasis placed on principles such as low centre of gravity, high power to weight ratio, improved off road mobility and simplicity of controls.
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Publication:Airports International
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Date:Jan 1, 2000
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