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Good to be a curious George.

My shop received a call from the material-control work center for a part pickup. An antenna-select box ordered the night before had come in. When I opened up the container to do a receipt inspection, I noticed the panel also had a switch marked "cabin dump." That label piqued my curiosity.

Thinking I may have picked up a part for the AME work center, I took the part to maintenance control to clarify the situation. They determined the panel had been ordered against a TACAN gripe on an "up" MAF.

A closer investigation revealed that this panel had the TACAN and IFF antenna-select switches, but it also had the cabin dump switch, making it a downing discrepancy when the box was pulled out of an aircraft--this one had been taken out of aircraft 502. Maintenance control changed the MAF to a "down" discrepancy, and the jet did not go flying. Training was held with the avionics, egress and maintenance-control work centers.

Miscommunication and lack of attention to detail resulted in the part being ordered improperly with a PROJ PRI (project-priority code) of AK7, indicating the aircraft was partial mission capable. It should have been ordered as AK0-not-mission capable. That simple coding would have made the gripe a "downer," and it would have been flagged in the ADB for aircrew and maintainers to see.

We were a bit lucky to catch this problem before it was too late. Lack of communication, inattention to detail, and complacency are common factors in most mishaps. We had several "holes in the cheese" lined up but found the problem in time. It really is necessary to train maintainers correctly and do by-the-book maintenance to prevent these types of situations.

Petty Officer Jacildo works in the AT shop at VAQ-131.

By AT3 Michael Jacildo
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Title Annotation:miscoding of antenna
Author:Jacildo, Michael
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Date:Jun 22, 2006
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