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Good people outnumber bad.

I WATCHED the Benefits Street programme on Kingston Road, Tilery.

What a shame people had nothing better to do than pander to the cameras.

The thing with the programme is, it has given the country a bad view of Teesside, and the people that live here, too.

As usual, the TV show makers are responsible for the bad picture that has been painted, and it is down to the people of that road to improve it.

Not everybody wants to be on benefits, and in a lot of cases it is not their fault, as employment in the area has been scarce.

Take back the street, make it good again for the people and, if things are going on, keep reporting the offenders to get them away from the area.

The biggest problem now is the picture that has been painted.

It gives the Conservatives more ammo for benefits cuts and sanctions on an already struggling community. When you look at the broader aspect, benefit cuts mean a rise in crime which, with police cuts, will get investigated less.

JEFF BURTON, Stockton EPISODE One of Benefits Street, filmed in Stockton, has landed on our screens, and with it a dose of welcome Teesside humour.

In fact, this could have been a pilot show for an extreme outdoor cookery programme, as Tilery residents put their culinary skills to the test. Raw eggs were launched as the press scrambled for cover.

It was nice to see some Seventies TV retro when the programme suddenly changed into the outdoor sports comedy game show It's A Knockout.

A female reporter was chased down Kingston Road by a youth with a bucket of cold water. All we needed was the slippery logs and custard pies and commentator Eddie Waring shouting "she's goin' for an early bath". But what a clean pair of heels. Someone get her entered for the next 5k sprint at Redcar. Propaganda or prime time TV? You decide.

But one thing's for sure, it makes compelling viewing.


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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:May 16, 2015
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