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Good news needed.

Winning awards or recognition is always good for journalists. It's like a hank You" for work done well. But it won't solve the problems now facing the Post and other news organizations who have seen advertising revenue fail greatly during the economic downturn. The Post has cut staff as have most other media organizations and nobody seems to know when the bad times will end, or what will become of newspapers.

As if to bolster their own confidence, the Post editorial page ran an editorial on May 11 that was headlined, "News Will Survive." It lamented the lack of revenue and drastic measures being taken by owners of newspapers and other media. "Newspapers will begin to heal when the nation's economy rises from its knees and people spend money again.... the news business is deeply challenged with no shortcuts in sight," the editorial said.

"News companies are looking for solutions. Among those suggested or being tried are charging small fees to read news online, delivering content to mobile devices, and reducing the number of days of publication." The editorial ended by saying news organizations "should shun the idea of bailout dollars. Handouts aren't good for watchdogs."
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Date:Mar 1, 2009
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