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Good news about autism.

This headline could well be a shocker: what could possibly be good about autism? The only thing could be that it is reversible! So far, all establishment doctors claim that there is no such thing as autism being caused by immunizations or medical injections; that it is absolutely a hereditary problem--and therefore incurable.

As usual, they are wrong. In too many instances, autism is clearly caused by immunizations, specifically the preservative(s) used in these injections, mostly thimerosal, a mercury derivative. It is quite clear and accepted that mercury causes serious brain damage; but still, the medical establishment denies and denies! In a recent Healing Newsletter (Vol. 21, #2, March/April 2006) we quoted a physician, head of a Chicago children's hospital, who stated outright: "Unvaccinated children have no autism."

The publication of the International Association of Cancer Victors and Friends, in their journal for the Northern California Chapter, Lifeline, (Vol. 26, #1 January 2007,) carry the story of a mother, whose child, Lucas, was perfectly normal until he was vaccinated at age 18 months. The mother tells how, after his flu shot in December 2003, Lucas regressed rapidly into severe autism. Another six vaccines and two doses of antibiotics to treat a double ear infection, given in January 2004, "seemed to be the final nail in the coffin". His comprehension, play skills and socialization disappeared. He had to be removed from preschool, regularly banging his had, screaming, and with very little eye contact. He had either diarrhea or was constipated, and his pediatrician absolutely denied that his problems were caused by vaccines or mercury, but that it was in his genes and that there is nothing he could do.

On the other hand, his hair analysis done in April of 2004 showed a mercury level of 6.67. (Anything above 1.69 is considered toxic) The entire medical community refused to agree that a hair analysis had any significance. Every hospital the parents visited refused to consider the evidence. Some of the doctors demanded that the mother leave their office!

Another interesting item that doctors refused to consider: stool analysis found that there were no culturable probiotics (friendly bacteria) in Lucas' gut but lots of pathogens causing him harm.

The parents didn't give up, tried chelation and other biological treatments. Finally they found help in reducing, then removing the mercury and other toxins in Lucas' body and he improved rather dramatically! He is not yet perfectly normal, but he is well on his way, a little over four years old now. The parents spent some $300,000 before finding the way to Lucas' recovery: detoxification.

There are many details given in this report; but the main points are:

* Autism can be reversed

* Detoxing and proper nutrition are the key

This conclusion points directly to the Gerson Therapy. We had suspected for a long time that autism was treatable and reversible. Since Lucas was found to have heavy mercury toxicity in his body, and since the Gerson Therapy has been effective in clearing mercury from the body of patients, it seemed like the right approach. But we never had actual proof that it was possible and had been done. We do not see children at the Mexican hospital, and particularly children affected by autism. I would be delighted to have one or more reports about children being helped by the Gerson treatment at home to clear their autism.

It is important for the reader to understand why doctors and their bosses, the huge pharmaceutical establishment, will not agree that their treatments and drugs cause problems. Admission would result in a firestorm of large lawsuits and claims due to their use and FDA's approval of these highly toxic drugs in infants.
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Title Annotation:Heroic Mother Saves Son from Vaccine-induced Illness
Author:Gerson, Charlotte
Publication:Gerson Healing Newsletter
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Date:Mar 1, 2007
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