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Good memories.

Strolling down memory lane; through the gateway to the past

Memories of days gone by; in my minds eye clearly cast

It isn't hard to visualise; how things used to be

A song, a smell, a feeling and I relive things vividly

There are so many memories; each special in some way

Learning from experience; lessons taught yesterday

Emotions a mix of joy and sadness as thoughts occur and wane

The years seem to fall away and I'm young once again

Suspended on the bridge of time; as events of yesteryear

Block out present happenings and past images appear

Something jolts me to reality

I realise things are different now

Altered subtly through the years

I didn't notice the change somehow

Buildings have disappeared; others take their place

Some family and friends have gone on before

Or we've lost touch without a trace

Age and time take their toll; yet young at heart I shall remain

As I close my eyes in reverie; and walk down memory lane

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 28, 2006
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