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Good grip reduces muscle fatigue. (Plastics Applications).

The ergonomically designed Kinetic Super wire stripper from Ideal Industries features a patent-pending grip made from Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV). Says Santoprene manufacturer Advanced Elastomer Systems (AES), which assisted in the development of the new professional-grade wire stripper, "The textured grip cradles and cushions the user's hand, reducing muscle fatigue and stress on the wrist; its 'leopard-spot' texture wicks away perspiration." In addition, says AES, the grip on the Kinetic Super is wider than those on other strippers, resulting in less impact on the palm.

The product is assembled at Ideal's manufacturing facility in Sycamore, Ill. For manufacture of the Kinetic Super's grip, AES recommended a 65 Shore A durometer Santoprene TPV. The Santoprene is injection molded onto a polypropylene chassis. The polypropylene and Santoprene materials form a bond during overmolding that creates a durable, lasting grip without the need for adhesives, says AES. Having used Santoprene as a grip material for many products over the years, Ideal comments that the TPV can be relied upon for "aesthetic and performance properties."

The compact and lightweight Kinetic Super comes in yellow for solid wire, and red for stranded wire. It is said to cut and strip all common wire gauges and to cleanly slice through bolts and screws.

In addition to offering material recommendations, AES also provided technical services from concept to finished product. The company notes that it helped Ideal launch the new Kinetic Super within 12 months, 30% faster than had been anticipated. Santoprene's ease of processing contributed to this accomplishment, AES says.

Advanced Elastomer Systems, L.P, 388 South Main St., Akron, OH 44311-1059; (330) 849-5000; fax (330) 849-5599;

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Author:Molinaro, Hope
Publication:Plastics Engineering
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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