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Sanctions over expert requires evidence. Vieth, Peter Apr 16, 2019 810
Court splits on search of covered motorcycle. Vieth, Peter Apr 10, 2019 1080
Two Views of the Cathedral: Civilian Approaches, Reasonable Expectations, and the Puzzle of Good Faith's Past and Future. Reynolds, Nicholas Mar 22, 2019 15440
Sold cheap at a void sale, family's house returned to investors. Donovan, David Feb 28, 2019 1318
Use of cell phone site data in drug case was valid. Oct 29, 2018 687
SAVING SOFTWARE'S FAIR USE FUTURE. Samuelson, Pamela; Asay, Clark D. Mar 22, 2018 11808
Dark web search warrant issued in good faith. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 8, 2018 647
Evidence admissible under good faith rule. Egan, Tom Oct 19, 2017 1358
Minimising the Risk of Fraudulent Transfer Avoidance: A Good-Faith Solvency Opinion as the Shield to Protect a Leveraged Transaction. Fox, Irina Sep 22, 2017 23185
No tax fraud for issuing Form 1099, Seventh Circuit holds. Schreiber, Sally P. Jun 1, 2017 711
Navigating the "good faith" and "reasonableness" requirements of Coblentz. Tramont, Andrew V.; Aserlind, Bradley B. Apr 1, 2017 5308
Court rules against unions. Brief article Apr 1, 2017 142
Evidence laundering in a post-Herring world. Levine, Kay L.; Turner, Jenia I.; Wright, Ronald F. Sep 22, 2016 25011
The Supreme Court's quiet revolution in induced patent infringement. Holbrook, Timothy R. Mar 1, 2016 20676
The 'reasonable cause and good faith' defense to penalties: lessons from hobby loss cases. Lovejoy, Henry Stow Jan 1, 2016 2452
Copyright and the living dead? Succession law and the postmortem term. Subotnik, Eva E. Sep 22, 2015 25989
Kelly v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Company: practical effects resulting from an expansion of insurers' broad good-faith duty. Langlois, Gary, Jr. Sep 22, 2015 10190
Good-faith mediation orders in Florida civil federal courts: let judges do the judging and mediators do the mediating. Dunlap, Eric; Sturgess, Robert Sep 1, 2015 3535
The UK Insurance Act 2015: a restatement of marine insurance law. Costabel, Attilio M. Jun 22, 2015 15370
Lenders may resell property after a previous purchase at foreclosure sale is denied confirmation if they acted in good faith and show good cause. Mar 22, 2015 454
Appraisals may be properly excluded as evidence in hearings regarding property valuation if good faith efforts are not made to comply with rules of procedure. Mar 22, 2015 600
"Whack" no more: infusing equality into the ethics of defence lawyering in sexual assault cases. Tanovich, David M. Dec 22, 2014 16611
The Trilogy and labour boards: where has all the good faith gone? Flaherty, Michelle Sep 22, 2014 7924
The fall and rise of the exit consent. Drake, Keegan S. Apr 1, 2014 15200
Non-binding preliminary agreements: the duty to negotiate in good faith and the award of expectation damages. Foreman, Violeta Solonova Mar 22, 2014 11473
Patent nonuse and technology suppression: the use of compulsory licensing to promote progress. Tyler, Neil S. Jan 1, 2014 11235
Toward a fairer, subscriber-empowered multichannel television regime: injecting substance into the good-faith requirement on retransmission consent negotiations. Pae, Darrel John Dec 1, 2013 16619
Punishing and deterring the unknowing: mandatory treble damages under the Massachusetts Wage Act. Provost, Rebekah D. Jun 1, 2013 14443
Prop. regs. expand options for private foundations in grant-making process. Archibald, Kelli Jan 1, 2013 685
Artful good faith: an essay on law, custom, and intermediaries in art markets. DeMott, Deborah A. Dec 1, 2012 17240
Siblings but not twins: making sense of 'mutual trust' and 'good faith' in employment contracts. Riley, Joellen Aug 1, 2012 14913
Reforming retransmission consent. Burton, Meg May 1, 2012 10238
The obligation of good faith and the doctrine of "necessary implication": does this have relevance to the contracts entered into by sureties? Reynolds, Hugh E., Jr. Apr 1, 2012 3569
Toward a public enforcement model for directors' duty of oversight. Jones, Renee M.; Welsh, Michelle Mar 1, 2012 29316
"I will not give you a penny more than you deserve": Ontario v. Fraser and the (uncertain) right to collectively bargain in Canada. Braley, Alison Dec 1, 2011 9514
The accession insight and patent infringement remedies. Lee, Peter Nov 1, 2011 33874
SIRs and deductibles - evolving policies and their impact on carrier duties. Hamilton, Michael A.; Murphy, Michael, Jr. Oct 1, 2011 8922
Midnight in the garden of good faith: using clawback actions to harvest the equitable roots of bankrupt Ponzi Schemes. Gabel, Jessica D. Sep 22, 2011 27999
No reasonable cause for $3.4 million omission from income. Beavers, James A. Aug 1, 2011 1082
Policing the ratings agencies: the case for stronger criminal disincentives in the credit rating market. Maas, David A. Jun 22, 2011 15377
Section 363(b) restructuring meets the sound business purpose test with bite: an opportunity to rebalance the competing interests of bankruptcy law. Uziel, Jessica Mar 1, 2011 20640
Le contrat d'assurance contemporain et la reification des parties. Belanger, Andre Feb 1, 2011 14062
Worksite enforcement issues for employers. Gladstone, Michael H. Jan 1, 2011 7299
2.02(b)(4) or not 2.02(b)(4): that is the question. Vaaler, Bryn R. Jan 1, 2011 8498
Advice and complicity. Smith, Matthew A. Nov 1, 2010 16847
Iqbal signals Bivens' peril: a call for congressional action. Gephart, Megan Oct 1, 2010 11468
The accuracy-related penalty. Cook, John; Ocheltree, Alan J. May 1, 2010 5431
Moving targets: placing the good faith doctrine in the context of fragmented policing. Aviram, Hadar; Seymour, Jeremy; Leo, Richard A. May 1, 2010 14212
Good faith: where are we at? Warren, Marilyn Apr 1, 2010 7213
The sometimes surprising practical implications of revised UCC article 1: article 1 of the Uniform Commercial Code articulates the principles that underlie the remaining articles - it is the basic or "meta" article, in other words - and Illinois recently adopted revised article 1. As the author explains, that change has important and sometimes surprising practical implications for all lawyers whose practice touches upon the UCC. Vaziri, Pasha Apr 1, 2010 3612
Criminal procedure - good-faith exception to exclusionary rule extends to illegal searches based on police recordkeeping errors - Herring v. United States. Codagnone, Amy L. Jan 1, 2010 6550
Symposium paper: long-term relational contracts and the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts. Robertson, Donald Jan 1, 2010 3489
Symposium paper: the UNIDROIT Principles: an Australian perspective. Finn, Paul Jan 1, 2010 2384
Debunking the corporate fiduciary myth. Alces, Kelli A. Jan 1, 2010 26037
The wrongheaded and dangerous campaign to criminalize good faith legal advice. Ku, Julian Dec 22, 2009 4447
Assessing professional tax advice and taxpayer sophistication. Morris, Donald Dec 1, 2009 6353
Playing by the rules: combating al Qaeda within the law of war. Glazier, David Dec 1, 2009 37078
Trust & transparency: promoting efficient corporate disclosure through fiduciary-based discourse. Siebecker, Michael R. Nov 1, 2009 26170
The Missouri Eminent Domain Reforms of 2006 "good faith negotiation" requirement: cities can use illegitimate appraisals under Kansas City v. Ku. Cranford, Jeremy T. Sep 22, 2009 15154
Gaming goldmines grow green: limited gaming, good faith negotiations, and the economic impact of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in South Dakota. Swier, Brooke DeLores Sep 22, 2009 23622
Franchising and the quest for the holy grail: good faith or good intentions? Terry, Andrew; Di Lernia, Cary Aug 1, 2009 18827
The 'good faith' controversy in Australian commercial law: a survey of the spectrum of academic legal opinion. Munro, Howard Jul 1, 2009 6913
Directors' fiduciary duties: increasing focus on good faith and independence. Davis, Gardner; Whitley, Danielle Jul 1, 2009 3161
Let us never blame a contract breaker. Posner, Richard A. Jun 1, 2009 8188
Lessons from Mickey & Minnie: the new definition of good faith in governance. Arnold, Janet Case study Mar 22, 2009 4453
Never say die: the continued existence of the government officials' good faith presumption in federal contracting law and the well-nigh irrefragable proof standard after Tecom. Ramos, Bryan O. Mar 22, 2009 13057
Plaintiffs win big in Ready: the Supreme Court holds that good-faith settling tortfeasors can't be included in apportioning fault after verdicts to determine joint and several liability. Gunnarsson, Helen W. Feb 1, 2009 925
Rethinking prisoner litigation: shifting from qualified immunity to a good faith defense in (section) 1983 prisoner lawsuits. Miller, Stephen W. Jan 1, 2009 12511
The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth): a new model? Warburton, Geoff Jan 1, 2009 8153
Retaliation against healthcare workers prohibited. Klein, Cathy A. Sep 1, 2008 497
Brief review of the follow-the-settlements doctrine in the United States. Allen, Robert D.; Leal, Abel Jul 1, 2008 1463
Incomplete contracts, contingent fiduciaries and a director's duty to creditors. Keay, Andrew; Zhang, Hao Apr 1, 2008 16212
The need for statutory change to the right to terminate residential leases. Gunewardene, Roshani M. Jan 1, 2008 3143
Doctrines of waste in a landscape of waste. Lovett, John A. Sep 22, 2007 24053
Acting in good faith: what business does an edgy New York company have getting intimate with Colorado Evangelicals? Blankenship, Mark Jul 1, 2007 3686
Disney, good faith, and structural bias. Hill, Claire A.; McDonnell, Brett H. Jun 22, 2007 18745
Galactic stupidity and the business judgment rule. Rosenberg, David Jan 1, 2007 13368
Liability of accountable officers. Kantner, Andrew S. Jan 1, 2007 1266
Sedition, security and human rights: 'unbalanced' law reform in the 'War on Terror'. Bronitt, Simon; Stellios, James Dec 1, 2006 20578
Not just a minimum income policy for physicians: the need for good faith and fair dealing in physician deselection disputes. Coppolo, Stephen D. Nov 1, 2006 15757
The door to reorganisation: strategic behaviour or abuse of voluntary administration? Eow, Intan Aug 1, 2006 18305
The business judgment rule in Florida - on paper and in the trenches. Carroll, James F. Jul 1, 2006 3177
Good faith business judgment: a theory of rhetoric in corporate law jurisprudence. Griffith, Sean J. Oct 1, 2005 36056
Drake v. Provident's effect on insurers' duty of good faith in English law: are insurer bad faith cases going to hit England? Perry, William J.; Nash-Smith, Heidi Jul 1, 2005 4102
Florida's new good faith duty on an insurer not to settle. Hawkes, Frederick T.; Saikali, Alfred J. Nov 1, 2004 3668
Bytes, bits and bucks: cost shifting and sanctions in e-discovery: in the electronic forest where sanctions can abound, good faith of the part of counsel in meeting requests can go a long way in avoiding trouble. Barkett, John M. Oct 1, 2004 13624
Contracts without consent: exploring a new basis for contractual liability. Ben-Shahar, Omri Jun 1, 2004 19325
The limits of the good-faith exception. Bradley, Craig M. Jun 1, 2004 1124
The role of the court in balancing contractual freedom with the need for mandatory constraints on opportunistic and abusive conduct in the LLC. Miller, Sandra K. May 1, 2004 22559
Appellate review and the exclusionary rule. Bray, Zack Case Note Mar 1, 2004 3743
Delaware's good faith. Sale, Hillary A. Jan 1, 2004 18117
Good faith? Good luck! Two recent court decisions look to be embracing a new judicial device for finding liability. Ferrara, Ralph C.; Bramble, Jocelyn C. Jan 1, 2004 827
The diversity lie. Fitzpatrick, Brian T. Sep 22, 2003 5063
Critical interventions: toward an expansive equality approach to the doctrine of good faith in contract law. Houh, Emily M.S. May 1, 2003 33585
Unions and the duty of good faith in employment contracts. Bagchi, Aditi May 1, 2003 14405
Compulsory licensing and the duty of good faith in TRIPS. Bagchi, Aditi May 1, 2003 12471
Market exposure not necessary for a bona fide sale. (Cases in Brief). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 259
The duty of utmost good faith in insurance law: where is it in the 21st century? The historical background of good and bad faith continues to develop in English law, especially in two recent maritime cases. Woloniecki, Jan Jan 1, 2002 5233
Fraudulent construction liens: Willful exaggeration or good faith dispute? Nelles, Matthew S. Mar 1, 2001 3457
Contractual good faith: variations on the theme of expectations. Pryor, C. Scott Jan 1, 1998 3899
When will reliance on a tax adviser avoid an accuracy-related penalty? Oliva, Robert R. Dec 1, 1997 4516
"Reasonable and realistic" assessments: nominal offers of judgment in Florida after Eagleman v. Eagleman. Leonard, Patricia A.; Fitzgerald, Roy E. May 1, 1997 2449
Court recognizes implied duty of good faith and fair dealing. Baliga, Wayne Mar 1, 1997 792
Fidelity and surety law. Leslie, Robert E. Jul 1, 1996 2306
"Good faith": police reliance on computerized information. Gerszewski, Gary L. Nov 1, 1995 2733
Proposed section 482 penalty regulations. May 1, 1993 7582

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