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Good enough to eat.

forced now. Forcing excludes light from the growing crown by the use of a rhubarb forcer or just an up-turned bucket. Keeping crowns in the dark encourages the plant to send out tender young stems, which are forced upwards looking for light.

Heaping compost, straw or well-rotted manure around the forcer will generate more warmth. Pull stems as you need them until April, but then uncover the plant.

Rhubarb A RHUBARB revival has taken place in the past few years, with restaurants serving up good old-fashioned rhubarb crumble, maybe with a hint of ginger, and a little work now can ensure a good supply of strong, tender stalks. It's easy to grow and you can start now, planting dormant crowns in a richly-manured spot with fairly heavy soil. It often does well near compost heaps, making the most of the rich run-off in the soil. If you can find a spot in full sun even better, as the sun will encourage the stems to develop a redder hue and a sweeter flavour. It can be picked between April and July.

Established rhubarb crowns can be
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Feb 11, 2012
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