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Money, root of evil? Oct 10, 2021 749
Haunted. Voras-Hills, Angela Poem Dec 22, 2020 405
Why does God allow evil people? Jul 18, 2020 723
Of wheats and weeds. Jul 18, 2020 570
Millenarian Mobs. Codevilla, Angelo Essay Jun 22, 2020 2601
If You Like Rules. Kenner, Anne Essay Sep 22, 2019 6902
Playing with fire. McGlone, Mary M. Aug 9, 2019 829
"Only Through Time Time is Conquered": A Theological Reflection. Lawson, Stephen D. Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2019 8401
The German Problem: A controversial historian has called the idea of the Holocaust as the ultimate in human evil a religion-like "myth." Will a new caste of priests preserve its inviolability? Goldman, Samuel Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 4331
Solzhenitsyn: Politics and the Ascent of the Soul: For the great Nobel laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, political freedom was not of primary importance for human flourishing. But it was a necessary precondition. Mahoney, Daniel J. Critical essay Mar 22, 2019 3607
Learning to Walk Again. Sanders, Mark (American poet) Poem Dec 22, 2018 381
The Boy in the Long Coat: Thirteen Ways of Looking into Darkness. Maltman, Thomas Essay Dec 22, 2018 4270
To know good and evil. Bleem, Jerry Brief article Sep 1, 2018 221
Where Is a Bad Guy When v You Really Need One? Antagonists and Master Criminals. Davis, J. Madison Critical essay May 1, 2018 1936
ON HISTORY. Miller, Wayne (American poet) Poem Mar 22, 2018 706
THINKING ABOUT TRUMP. Kesler, Charles R. Mar 22, 2018 5720
Good Kill. Garard, Olivia Poem Jan 1, 2018 136
Transformed in love. McGlone, Mary M. Column Jul 28, 2017 841
The good, the bad, and the gray. Zebrowski, Carl Jun 1, 2017 500
On the good in Aristotle and early Buddhism: A response to Abraham Velez. Keown, Damien Essay Jan 1, 2017 4926
Godzilla and Dracula Give Us Cause for Reflection. Hunter, Kim (American poet) Poem Sep 22, 2016 310
Both dove and wolf: St. Columba of Iona's life celebrates all aspects of our complex natures as God's design. McIntosh, Kenneth Aug 1, 2016 1231
THE RED BIRD. Skoog, Edward Poem Mar 22, 2016 740
International Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 55, No. 3, September 2015. Abstract Dec 1, 2015 761
Dear Yusef. Murillo, John Poem Sep 22, 2015 322
Narratives of the "Not-So-Good Nurse": Rewriting Nursing's Virtue Script. McAllister, Margaret; Brien, Donna Lee Critical essay May 1, 2015 8110
The ecstasy of good, the monotony of evil. Graham, Donald Oct 1, 2014 1699
The Crooked Men. Watson, Samuel Wagan Poem Sep 1, 2014 255
Pope's tweet points to a moral course. Editorial May 9, 2014 699
Waiting is wasting. Column Dec 1, 2013 1216
Bishops and bullying. Brief article Nov 1, 2013 261
Gauley Season. Null, Matthew Neill Short story Sep 22, 2013 7462
About Little Charlie Lindbergh. Randall, Margaret Poem Sep 22, 2013 366
Investigation of the Unconfirmed Miracles at Puraquequara. Brimhall, Traci Poem Sep 22, 2013 301
Reports. Fincke, Gary William Poem Sep 22, 2013 264
Black devil and gentle cloud: Ruskin and Emerson at odds. Atwood, Sara Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 12328
Judging Eichmann: History, Judgment, and Hannah Arendt's Eichmann in Jerusalem. Brandfon, Fred Critical essay Sep 1, 2013 5578
No human is a monster. Schaeffer-Duffy, Scott Essay Aug 2, 2013 984
Omnipresence. Pillay, Maya Surya Poem Jul 1, 2013 162
From the editor. Editorial Jun 22, 2013 245
Richard III's Bones and the Glamour of Evil. Clausen, Christopher Essay Jun 22, 2013 2937
Stardust. Van Loon, Jean Short story Jun 22, 2013 3827
Placing Everything on the Line. Karanovic, Zvonko Poem May 1, 2013 332
The evil-doers amongst us. Puterbaugh, Dolores T. Mar 1, 2013 1073
God willing? Cones, Bryan Jan 1, 2013 709
Participation and evil: the problem of doing evil when attempting to fight evil. Larson, Benjamin Splichal Essay Dec 1, 2012 4335
The Devil I Know (an excerpt). Kilroy, Claire Excerpt Jul 1, 2012 3343
"The shadow of this crime ... is over me yet": narrative discourse and the knowledge of evil in Barry Unsworth's Morality Play. Moore, J. Cameron Essay Jun 22, 2012 9680
Augustinian evil and moral good in Lolita. Benson, Sean Essay Jun 22, 2012 6801
The Rites of Darkness. Patchen, Kenneth Poem May 1, 2012 395
From Sleepers Awake (1946). Patchen, Kenneth Novel May 1, 2012 1922
Windoubtfilled. Kaschock, Kirsten Poem Jan 1, 2012 281
Her Dark Materials: John Milton, Toni Morrison, and Concepts of "Domimon" in A Mercy. Roynon, Tessa Critical essay Dec 22, 2011 10612
Testing and retaining what is good. O'Gorman, Angie Column Dec 9, 2011 658
The locative analysis of good for formulated and defended. Fletcher, Guy Nov 1, 2011 13644
Should we just ignore our dark side? Shapiro, Rami Nov 1, 2011 1271
The Book of the Serpent. Olsen, Ursula Andkjaer Poem Nov 1, 2011 859
I have said that his first miracle has been to remove. Garcia, Alan Brief article Jun 22, 2011 112
Mysteries of the heart: detectives in literature and on screen could use a little warmth in their quest to solve cold cases. McCormick, Patrick Essay Jan 1, 2011 955
The fall and the fiction writer. Waiters, Mark Essay Sep 22, 2010 5799
Balance. Dobyns, Stephen Poem Sep 1, 2010 1411
Psychotherapy and the concepts of good and evil. Ruzicka, Jiri Report Jul 1, 2010 6567
Ode to the Aperture. Hahn, Kimiko Poem Jun 22, 2010 312
The mystery of evil and suffering. Leikind, Bernard May 1, 2010 1227
A game of chess, strawberries, and Emptiness revisited. Heffern, Rich Column Apr 2, 2010 947
Tormenting the tormentors: a reinterpretation of Eusebius of Vercelli's letter from Scythopolis. Washburn, Daniel A. Critical essay Dec 1, 2009 12398
"Good" and "Bad" Muslim Citizens: Feminists, Terrorists, and U.S. Orientalisms. Maira, Sunaina Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2009 10983
Speak. Eytan, Eytan Poem Sep 1, 2009 300
Netanyahu in Germany: We Must Stop Evil in Due Time. Aug 27, 2009 84
Any Talk of Eden Must Include the Serpent. Mills, Geraldine Poem Jun 22, 2009 211
Axis of Evil. Snodgrass, W.D. Poem May 1, 2009 288
Proslavery professors: classic natural right and the positive good argument in antebellum Virginia. Vanderford, Chad Mar 1, 2009 11241
'The Dark Knight of the Soul,' C.I., Sept, p. 38. Kokoski, Paul; Clarke, Cale Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2008 898
Prospects and pitfalls of a global history approach to the early-modern European witch hunt. Yue, Sun Report Sep 22, 2008 6258
Vatican debates Harry Potter. Brief article Jan 25, 2008 164
How Lacan's Ethics might improve our understanding of Nietzsche's critique of Platonism: the neurosis & nihilsm of a 'life' against life. Themi, Tim Jan 1, 2008 10836
Are you naughty or nice? Yeah, the fat guy is coming to town. So ... have you made the list? Southall, Amanda L. Dec 1, 2007 1303
The Devil Only Knows. Ricks, Christopher Critical essay Sep 22, 2007 3369
Goethe's Faust: poetry and philosophy at the crossroads. Ricci, Gabriel R. Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 9234
Two Apothecaries: Novalis and Derrida. Krell, David Farrell Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 9389
Pope laments lessons not learned from 20th century: today's totalitarianism is economics, he says. Thavis, John Mar 4, 2005 916
Fear itself: unless we observe and surrender our small, daily anxieties, we won't recognize the really big fears, in all their disguises, that control our politics, our denominations, our bank accounts, and the world's future. Rohr, Richard Cover Story Oct 1, 2004 1820
Homosexuality is not merely a religious issue. Campbell, Joe Oct 1, 2004 775
Mr. Hyde & the epidemiology of evil. Dalrymple, Theodore Sep 1, 2004 3091
Turning the tables? (Side Lines). Brief Article Jun 22, 2003 120
Dory's bible, acts, and the devil at our elbow. Kibler, James Everett Critical Essay Jun 22, 2003 5572
The meaning of "demonic nothingness". Henry, Michael Critical Essay Jun 22, 2003 6574
In God's name: past presidents have shown there's a better way to invoke God in wartime. Morone, James May 1, 2003 2261
Where have all the demons gone? Modern religion has dispossessed a rich history of demons and devils in our midst, but maybe Satan served a purpose in the way he makes evil palpable. (testaments). Camille, Alice Feb 1, 2003 1938
Heaven, self-respect and the Golden Rule: diverse group contemplates reasons to be good. (Spirituality). Lazzo, Janelle Dec 13, 2002 2251
Maintaining Hope in the Face of Evil. (Trends). Miller, Geri Sep 22, 2002 3231
Battle cry: it's time for the news media to stand up to the assault on freedom of information. (From the Editor). Rieder, Rem Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 721
Beyond crime & punishment: male celibacy isn't the problem here. But for the Catholic Church to achieve a healthy system, things have to change. Rohr, Richard Jul 1, 2002 2080
Teaching our children about evil. Victor, Jeffrey S. Jul 1, 2002 1886
Humanizing the enemy empowering a nation through nonviolence. Heath, Carly Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 495
Depravity Scale sets guidelines for definition of evil: 'The Depravity Scale appraises the evil of an event, not the "who" or the "why".' (Backdrop of Terrorism). Walsh, Nancy Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 638
[PROGRAM LISTING NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] & his two sons Satan & Adam. Paley, Morton D. Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 16563
Beyond privation: moral evil in Aquinas's De malo. Reichberg, Gregory M. Jun 1, 2002 15288
Kant and Aquinas on the priority of the good. Hinton, Timothy Jun 1, 2002 8855
Lame geometry --the axis of evil. (World Watcher). Howell, Llewellyn D. Brief Article May 1, 2002 1054
New evolutionary theology abolishes Adam and Eve. Shea, John B. Apr 1, 2002 3750
Faith and fantasy: How fantasy prepared me to deal with the chaos and complexity of our post-Christian world. (Generation Now). MacLeod, Alex Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 758
Stronger than Satan. (My Answer). Graham, Billy Brief Article Jan 20, 2002 450
The snake coiled deep in our hearts: evil's origin is a problem for every religion. Heffern, Rich Jan 11, 2002 3560
Aberrant self-promotion or subclinical psychopathy in a swedish general population. Pethman, Tonya M.I.; Erlandsson, Soly I. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2002 8095
The Devils in the Details: The Role of Evil in the Short Fiction of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol and Nathaniel Hawthorne. MAUS, DEREK Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 11490
The silence of Cain. (Spirituality). Berger, Rose Marie Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 715
On the Rhetoric of a "War on Terrorism": A Lecture Presented at Ashland University on September 17, 2001. Fedler, Kyle Jan 1, 2002 1227
The new Witchcraft. (OP-ED). Taylor, Joan Kennedy Dec 22, 2001 1131
Sympathy for the creator: when we encounter suffering, destruction, and death, God, too, suffers. perhaps it's time to comfort as well by renewing our faith and love and working together with the creator. Rogers, Pattiann Dec 1, 2001 1943
HAS EVERYTHING CHANGED? Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 1051
Evil. Gunn, Bob Nov 1, 2001 1389
Columbine, Kudzu, and a Colt .45. Sehested, Nancy Hastings Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 624
The Violence of God: Dialogic Fragments. BLUMENTHAL, DAVID R. Transcript Jun 22, 2001 10868
Against Theodicy. WETTSTEIN, HOWARD Jun 22, 2001 4488
International law and the problem of evil. Weisburd, A. Mark Mar 1, 2001 25057
Backbiter and the Rhetoric of Detraction. HAYES, DOUGLAS W. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 10939
The caesura of the Holocaust in Martin Amis's Time's Arrow and Bernhard Schlink's The Reader. Parry, Ann Critical Essay Sep 1, 1999 8692
Disappointment, Sadness, and Death. Draper, Kai Jul 1, 1999 12547
The Journalist as Moral Arbiter. Kirkhorn, Michael J. Jun 22, 1999 1342
WAR IS HELL? GRANT, MEGAN Jun 1, 1999 1325
SIMONE WEIL. SPRINGSTED, ERIC O. Biography Jan 1, 1999 3072
A note on the banality of evil. Miller, Stephen Sep 22, 1998 3313
Life without God is Hell. Cawsey, Kathy Apr 1, 1998 824
The dark side of the soul: human nature and the problem of evil in Jewish and Christian traditions. Lowry, Richard Jan 1, 1998 6937
God for a day. Martin, Michael Jun 22, 1997 2638
Is judgement of the ungodly good news? Christians ought to display more compassion and less joy over the prospect of the judgement of the ungodly. Gabe Rienks Dec 1, 1996 917
The time has come to study the face of evil. Shore, Paul Column Nov 1, 1995 1182
Public morality from a private eye. McCormick, Patrick Oct 1, 1995 2644
Does evil have a cause? Augustine's perplexity and Thomas's answer. Steel, Carlos Dec 1, 1994 9855
Teleology and evil in 'Laws' 10. Carone, Gabriela Roxana Dec 1, 1994 11001
The really scary thing about thrillers. McCormick, Patrick Aug 1, 1994 2220
And the list goes on. Jul 1, 1994 2131
Knowing good and doing good. Gaylin, Willard May 1, 1994 4524
Minority report. Hitchens, Christopher column Jun 19, 1989 1041

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