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Good air flow.

The DEUCE needs clean air--and lots of it--to keep the vehicle's engine running smoothly. Stay on top of the info in TM 5-2430-200-10 and keep these PM pointers in mind before the day's run.

Air Filter Brush-off

A clean air filter element is crucial, especially in dusty and sandy areas, like the desert.

Keep an eye on the air cleaner restriction indicator next to the canister. If the indicator moves from yellow to red, open the canister and pull out the air filters. The secondary filter is inside the primary.

Use low-pressure air, 30 psi or less, from inside to outside to remove dust and sand from the primary air filter element. Never bang the filter on a hard surface. That damages it. Replace the primary air filter element once a year, or after six cleanings.

Clean Radiator Fins

To keep the DEUCE running cool, the radiator fins need to be cleaned.

Use the prop rod to keep the radiator guard open. Look for leaves, sand and trash wedged between the radiator's fins. Clean the fins only with low-pressure air.

While you're at it, look for bent cooling fins. Bent fins stop airflow through the radiator and can cause both the engine and transmission to overheat. You can keep the fins straight by keeping feet, tools and other heavy things off them.

Once the fins are cleaned and the radiator guard is back in place, make sure items like camouflage netting and duffel bags are kept off the radiator's air intake grills. They can also restrict airflow.

Cab Air System

The filter elements for the cab air system keep the air clean inside the cab, regardless of how dusty the worksite conditions are.

The system's internal filter element is under the operator's seat. So keep any tools and chains, duffel bags, hats or gloves away from air inlets.

You'll find the system's external filter behind the curbside access door under the cab.

To get at the filter, open the door, then open the latch at the bottom of the filter bracket, and remove the bracket.

Remove the filter element by pulling on its tab. Lightly tap the filter element against your hand to remove the dust and sand. You can also use low-pressure air, 30 psi or less, to remove dust and sand from the filter element.
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