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Good advice.

Byline: By Nicki Clark

Staff are an invaluable asset to any company, and keeping employees motivated can be the key to a successful organisation. Business Link Tyne & Wear manager Nicki Clark offers advice on how to motivate staff.

What is motivation about?

Motivation is based on giving people an appropriate combination of rewards. Rewards can include money, recognition, the challenge of a new project or the sense of doing something worthwhile. Most people need to feel they have responsibility and the power to influence results by their choices. Remember, what motivates you may not motivate your employees.

Agree on goals.

Employees will not be motivated if they do not know what is expected of them. The objectives you identify for the company can be turned into practical, achievable goals for the employee, too. If employees can see how their success contributes to the big picture, they will feel involved and motivated.

Always agree on realistic goals and set targets that you and the employee can monitor. By rewarding employees for achieving their goals, you can motivate them further.

Praise and criticism.

Let your employees know when they are doing well and when they are doing badly, but remember why you are giving feedback. Your objectives should be to improve performance and help build employees' motivation and self-esteem. Feedback that does not contribute to this goal can be counter-productive.

Keeping staff interested.

This is applicable to new and existing staff. New employees need to feel they are progressing within their role and by having the good work they do recognised, employees will feel encouraged and motivated to work to the best of their ability.

You should take the opportunity to make employees' work more satisfying. Increasing responsibility and versatility within tasks keeps employees stimulated and ambitious.

The most obvious way to keep staff motivated is by rewarding them in their salary, pension, and bonuses ( but by generating enthusiasm and energy through your employees on a daily basis, you can have a happy workforce at little cost.

* For further information on motivating your staff call your local Business Link on: (08456) 009006.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 13, 2004
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