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Good Samaritan in soup over bill for gas and veg.

A GOOD Samaritan made soup for OAPs stricken by a power cut - then sent a pounds 50 bill to community councillors.

Greta Hawthorn, 75, cooked the soup for sheltered housing complex residents during the blackout caused by severe storms at the end of March.

The grandmother also provided hot water for the residents' tea and coffee in Whithorn, Wigtownshire.

But members of the Royal Burgh of Whithorn and District Community Council were shocked when Greta sent them a pounds 50 demand - for the gas she used and for the vegetables she put in the soup.

Greta's cousin Margaret Herron, 77, who is also a member of the community council, said: "Greta was being a good Samaritan but we were a little surprised to get the bill and at the size of it.

"The community council does have an emergency fund set up which Greta, of course, knows about as she used to be a member.

"It's for things like power cuts and being snowed in.

She used to be part of the sub-committee that dealt with it.

"She's no longer a councillor but she likes to do good deeds and help her neighbours.

"She made soup for the 12 residents of a complex, some of whom are in their 90s.

"She used her neighbour's gas cooker and charged pounds 25 for the gas, which seems a lot, and pounds 25 for the veg and potatoes for the soup.

"We thought it was a bit excessive but it was agreed after a vote that she would be paid this time - but not in future, unless we agree it first." The committee, chaired by Jim McCulloch, voted 6-2 to pay up.

Greta said: "Did Jim McCulloch tell you this? He's a pain in the a***, to be honest."


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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 23, 2010
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