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Good Morning Tahrir.

Summary: And the row drags on....

If only the referendum on Egypt's post-revolution constitution were being held in a more festive mood, instead of an atmosphere marred by feuds and divisions

By Magdy Kotb Although the first stage of the referendum on the controversial constitution was tense, the final results must be respected by all the nation's Islamic and secular political forces.

Before the voting on December 15 and 22, these forces exercised their right to use every possible means for campaigning for or against the constitution.

Their campaign included the use of the media, rallying opponents and proponents of the constitution, as well as staging demonstrations and protests that witnessed violent arguments and the trading of insults between the rival camps.

So far, the only nationally recognised or acceptable authority with the right to settle the ongoing dispute seems to be the Egyptians themselves, whose country has become politically polarised and divided over the charter.

The referendum results, expected right after the second phase of the vote next Saturday, will not end the polarisation and division in the political street.

But it ought to be borne in mind that the only beneficiaries of Egypt[euro][acute accent]s plight are the remnants of the Mubarak regime and the opponents of the January 25 Revolution.

This dangerous state of affairs requires swift intervention by President Mohamed Morsi, who is urgently requested to take whatever measures that might be deemed necessary to end this chaos.

President Morsi, among other measures, should form a coalition government that includes competent and professional ministers, who belong to Islamist, liberal and leftist parties, as well as reorganising his team of advisers, in order to streamline the process of decision-making.

If the President does this, he will have carried out his duty to the nation which he leads.

In the meantime, Morsi should continue with his initiative for holding a national dialogue over the draft constitution and trying to form an acceptable mechanism to resolve the disputes over 15 of its 236 articles.

It must be taken into consideration that the constitution is not the Gospel Truth that cannot be amended or modified.

It is after all written by our fellow human beings, who can change and amend it whenever the necessity arises, or whenever there is a strong need for effecting a reconciliation among the people of one nation.

By the Way:

Top notch Islamic scholar Imam el-Shafei once rightly said, [euro]God has given every creature the right to live and to substantiate His wisdom; we see a sparrow eating with a falcon.[euro]

Victor Hugo: A young man's first love is shyness and a young girl's first love is boldness.

A woman's smile is the mirror that reflects her spiritual magic which captures a man's heart and mind.

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Publication:The Egyptian Gazette (Cairo, Egypt)
Date:Dec 23, 2012
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