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Good Marriage Improves CHF.

The strength of their marriage influences survival in patients with congestive heart failure to the same degree as the severity of their disease does, said James C. Coyne, Ph.D. and his associates at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

The investigators assessed marital quality using several standard measures of patient and spousal functioning as well as direct observation of the couples' interactions in 189 patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). The 139 men and 50 women with CHF had been married for an average of 25 years; 33% had beer, married previously

Marital quality and symptom severity were independent predictors of 4-year survival. Patients with severe CHF and poor marriages clearly had the highest risk of death (5 8%); those with mild CHF and good marriages had the lowest (22%).

A good marriage may exert this beneficial effect in part by facilitating adherence to the complex and stringent dietary, exercise, and medication regimens that CHF patients must follow, the researchers said (Am. J. Cardiol. 88[5]:526-29, 200 1).
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Title Annotation:congestive heart failure
Author:Moon, Mary Ann
Publication:Internal Medicine News
Date:Oct 15, 2001
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