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Good Earth Introduces First Pharmaceutical-Quality Herbal Teas to U.S.

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SANTA CRUZ, Calif.--(BW HealthWire)--Oct. 5, 2000

Good Earth(R) Corporation, best known for its Good Earth(R) Teas such as Good Earth(R) Original Herb and Tea Blend(TM) and Variety Pack, introduces a new line of pharmaceutical-quality herbal teas under the trade name, Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM).

These medicinal teas, unique in the United States, are created from authentic, traditional Swiss formulas that have been used safely and effectively for more than 75 years by generations of Europeans.

"These teas represent a new level of quality in the medicinal tea segment," said Ben Zaricor, Good Earth(R) CEO. "We are very excited that our customers will be the first in the U.S. to benefit from these established formulas."

Seven of the new Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) products are based on formulas developed by Johannes Kuenzle, a highly respected Swiss herbalist, pastor and author, who lived from 1857 until 1945. Father Kuenzle began developing his herbal formulas more than 100 years ago, and the herb company he established is still in business today.

The biologically active ingredients of each Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) product all have been approved as safe and effective by the German Commission E, and each meets the exacting standards of European pharmacopoeias (Pharmacopoeias are the official guides for pharmacists and physicians that assure the accurate identification of herbs, their proper preparation and storage, the content of their essential constituents, their purity and other parameters deemed important in maximizing the herb's usefulness as a medicine).

Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) teas are manufactured entirely in Europe and imported exclusively by Good Earth(R).

"In contrast to the U.S., herbs and herbal products in Europe have long enjoyed official recognition," said Zaricor. "They are regulated there in much the same way OTC and prescription drugs are regulated in the U.S."

Not only have the Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) traditional formulas been subject to this rigorous regulatory oversight for many years, but both the ingredient supplier and the packaging facility for Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) hold pharmaceutical licenses certifying their worthiness to manufacture medicinal herbal products.

The new Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) teas are:

-- Tea for Colds(TM)

-- Slimming Tea(TM)

-- Tea for Sleep(TM)

-- Tea for Tension(TM)

-- Tea for Digestion(TM)

-- Tea for Mood(TM)

-- Laxative Tea(TM)

-- Tea for Flu(TM)

Tea for Flu(TM) is the only new product not based on a traditional formula. Rather, it is a modern European herbal combination derived from the most current scientific research.

Good Earth(R) Medicinals(TM) will be available nationwide in natural foods supermarkets, grocery stores, GNC stores, and selected health and natural food retailers.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 5, 2000
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